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Since the beginning of time, the Young Lions of Judah Ministry inclined themselves utmostly with the understandings in mine that the perspectives of the human calendar is in essence to record the continuity of the departure from the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve.  Therefore, the participations of our daily activities are to be cited at its undivided format as evidential to the Lord in His dominions just as it is foretold in the Bible that naturals do error.  However, we sit on the bench of Grace and Mercy of God voluntarily patented after the temple traditions that had once been accused by the Romans and the Triuvium to which the dolorosa whose empire was not of this world or else we will rise to conquer the land that our laudanium will send forth the triuvium, to their totam ramnents in a rather malfunctional asperational alarms, each requires impositional quarrels alby ill ormens invented to be toren to the very iota.  Thus, it is ettiquette to develop the  quasi-architecture of the Beatitute.

Send us the perspirational ciatis under Dominis is not the naturals error since its involuntous participations embraced accusations has tideously undergone more or less the dolores marque that had laudanium the Triuvium, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit during the celebration of the meal that which is to remember the aspirations surrounded the final dinner rituals on the Passover meal.  Each of us who had questioned independently said that quickest way to depart from the abstinences ill willed on the inventions received from the ill fated santries that was watching the tomb of the Nailed Jesus.  Nothing is nils and each of us is at the quasi architectural observance beating the timelessness and the celebrations in a timeless world.

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