Abraham is a Man of Faith! 

Abraham is a man of God. 

Abraham is the one who destroyed all the idols in his Father's house. 

Abraham lived at least four thousand years ago. 

Abraham saved Lot, his nephew, and the two daughters of Lot. 

Abraham saw the Angel of the Lord. 

Abraham is the father of Isaac. 

Abraham is also the father of Ishmmael.

Abraham lived to be one hundred seventy five years old. 

Abraham has many sons from his wives and he sent them to the East. 

Abraham came out of Ur of the Chaldeans. 

Abraham is a wealthy merchant. 

Abraham loves his half sister and wife Sarah deeply. 

Abraham is a man of compassion. 

Abraham is a passionate man. 

Abraham worships YHWH. 

Abraham built altars for the Lord. 

Abraham has God to be his friend. 

Abraham has covenental relationship with God.

Abraham is the Father of all nations, not the insurance company that we knew of.

Abraham does not buy insurance of any kind, nor does he sell any of that sort of paperish promises to others, even though he has God at his company.

Abraham debated with the Lord for the life of the town folks of the Cities Bank of Dead Sea without much success. 

Abraham is a perfect man after the statures of God.

Abraham was a healthy and strong man.

Abraham has never driven a convertible or a Mercedes Benz.

Abraham has also never boarded an Airplane.

Abraham might have boarded a boat since people living in the wetlands cannot just walk around without a carrier to offset their loads.

Abraham did not have a HDTV monitor set up along side of his tent.

Abraham does not use walkie talkie, or handy, or iphone.

Abraham uses Shofar to call forth his helpers, including God.

Abraham did not celebrate the Feast of Tabernacle.

Abraham does not know anything about Purim.

Abraham did not celebrate Yom Kippur.

Abraham did not observe Hannuka.

Abraham did not have Minorah.

Abraham is not a member of the Bank of Hapanim, the counter part of the Bank of America in Israel.

Abraham does not have a passport.

Abraham does not need a visa to visit any Countries of his time.

Abraham has no credit cards to carry around like us today.

Abraham does not speak English, German, Turkish, or any other modern language, except Aramaic or Chaldean.

Abraham does not take the bus since he has camels, horses, and dunkey.

Abraham did not do skating board in the desert or the rocky hilly areas. 

Abraham did not workout in the gymnasium like us today.

Abraham did not indulge in Coca Cola, or Pepsi Cola.

Abraham does not speak Yiddish.

Abraham has no Torah with him or his household.

Abraham is a man of peace.

Abraham is also a wiseman.

Abraham is a man of Hope.

Abraham is not a gomer.

Abraham is a leader.

Abraham spent the rest of his life to become perfect since the time Adonai called him to do so when he was 99 years old. 

Abraham has great knowledge of the Kingdom of Animals.

Abraham is a Botanist.

One of the children of Abraham is a Rabbi who supervises the food preparations to be Kosher.

The Lord had said to Abraham "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you." (Genesis 12:1)


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