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Captain Von Trapp was a prominent figure on the silvery screen of the panorama feature the Cinematic industry would like to have over and over again.  His personal story as well as his personal performance in front of the general audience had had won him many more applauds and ovations the audience could not know why.  That was because in the movie one can only have a glimpse of his personal struggle within the context of the Anschluss after the Germany Empire what we now a day termed as the 3rd Reich, that was rather pervasive to what the movie director would have wanted to depict during the time the team was doing their best to imitate the discipline, the strict sense of following the orders given, and the wounds of being in a stage of rather reflective of the setting of the losses of the South Tirol County inadvertently after the Armmisty of the Great War, now we termed as World War I.

However, it is not the only reason that has kept him or his family devotional singing in the public arena.  Perhaps to some extend was his stepping into an aristocratic society at the time which was never possible for any human being to escalating over the glass ceiling without been of a royalty or of a noble birth.  Those were all part of the story an individual would have encountered at the time the Austro-Hungarian Empire would have accepted, even though Kaiserin Maria Teresa of the Hapsburgs had done her very best to strengthen the then Heiligelischen Romanishen Reich of the Central and Eastern Europa versus Frederick the Great of the Konigsburg, now-a-day we called the East Prussia.  Therefore, it was a background to which one could have done everything or nothing to be part of the historic figures the students in the schools all over the world would and will have to learn and to study by heart of the recent history which created the Diaspora of the entire humankind.  Never was in history the disturbances was so great and the influence so far reached, and yet we are still part of that stretch of history.

I do not know him nor his family in person.  Nonetheless, Captain Von Trapp was in charge of bringing in the gifts from the then Kaiser Frank Joseph of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the imperial officials of the Chin Empire, the only known Empire in Asia besides the Empire of Japan, and the Imperial Courts of both Empire shared among them the equality of Jurisprudence to rule and to govern the people of both regime.  That was not to say the Indian Government was not important, nor was there anybody insignificant due to the fact that people only would want to have fellowship of their equal.

it was the purse sold at the market place when I first visited Wien of the Swiss-Austrians, that drew my attention.  Of course, a purse is a purse, just like everything else, one must have to have more than one or else the world could not be at peace nor enjoy the peace we know daily.  That is not to say if a lady has had only one purse then the business of making purse would have come to a complete hault.  As we all know, nothing that was or is the matter when the ladies purchasing some purses during their shopping trips to desires and to add stress to their hubbies or boyfriends when indeed, it was not so much so of the purse, but the price marked on the label of the purses that could eradicate the souring tooth without seriously pulling it.  Of course, the purse or the purses was or were important, and for that matter all purses are very important, especially the King's purse or the Queen's purse, from within which all the dreams were made and being making to come to pass yesterday, today or one day soon.

It was alarming to me when I saw the purse the first time on my trip.  And, the most surprising purchases I have never had witnessed was the similarity of the purses that was digitized and designed by the computer with now-a-day technology and its industrialized manufacture.  Amazingly, the colorations of the brilliant beads that was knitted to it was so perfect, yet, the design and the style was almost the same as the one that belonged to my great grandmother.  It was only a hundred years of time span when she first got a gift brought to her by the Great Grand Father from his morning visitation with the Emperor and others of the Imperial Court.  at that time, they had a wonderful marriage and the relationship with the royal house was not too bad in comparison with others who would never had had a chance to meet nor to visit the Forbidden Palace of the Power Center of the Empire of China, we now called the Middle Kingdom!  Great Grand Mother did not say too much about everything that was because the good time lasted for a very short period and the subsequent disturbance, and the turbulence of life in Asia, especially in China had created for her a life style which was enveloped and concealed from us.  War has never departed from the Middle Land, and the situation was just as it is today.  Ambiguity fills the air like the waves on the surface of the sea, anything dropped off will create the ripples from one spot to all the directions incessantly and no stopped.

Great Grand Mother had kept all to herself.  The purse became her one and only family after the passing of Great Grand Father.  We never knew what had happened to him, not even today.  I do not have to swear to G-d to tell you the fact that I still have had no idea.  But, it is not so important as far as the story telling of the Swiss-Austrian Empire goes, since someone who had been so close to me declared often to me and to others of being a Swiss-Austrian, and the importance thereof, if not significance of being one instead of becoming one.  Therefore, the story can be read from both ends in its retrospective narrations, or aversively in a chronological order.

I did not enter Zurich on purpose, but per chance.  Then I knew why it was not possible to light up, that was because of the cloudy weather hovering over the Alps if not Lake Geneva which has had an effect on people who lived there.  Of course, the officials had to speak English to me since Ich bin Keine Berliner!  But, still a purse is a purse and a purse costs a lot.  I had no idea of how much it cost, but the purse had inspired me to think.

It was just following the order the captain we saw on the movie screen was so blatantly raised his arm without hesitation to vented his personal dissatisfactory opinions about who he was and the time that was still fresh in his mind the valor and the glory of the Austrians in all they had had achieved historically for the millennium that the Lord had bestowed upon the House of Hapsburgs.  But, more than that was when he first set assailed to Asia as he commanded the Maria Teresa battleship to respond to the Boxer Rebellions of the Imperial China.  The distinction between friendship and warship could be derived or destroyed based on the desires of the hearts.  After all, it was good to befriend someone who lived afar than to raise problems for later.

Diplomacy still calls the deal.  Nonetheless, the time was changing and still is changing both then and now.  But, the design of the purse goes on without much significant change, and that was how I reckoned the importance of the movie to me.  At the time of 1965, it was only a movie.  At the time of 2007, the movie became more real to me than not.  At the time of 1905, it was a gift.  At the was all that Great Grand Mother had had.  All the wealth, treasures, silver and gold were all gone.  Time had changed.  The Sleeping Lion went on a long sleep, only if G-d permitted, it will never be awake.  The Imperialistic Empires all fell about the same time.  Life changed.  Reality collapsed.  Enemies lost.  Friends retained.  The two purses remain the same because it was all been made by the same manufacturer.  Should you have chance to visit Wien, do not forget to pick up one, just in case.   Auf GlΓΌck!


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