Berlin Wall

Brandenburger Tor can be seen from the Baby wall when standing directly in front of the Brandenburg Gate.  The statue of Germania charged forward in her four horses driven Chariot - Quadriga - with the emblem of the German Nations can be seen vigerously in a distance not so closely to the historic landmark of the Glorious Germany of the bygone years that was not so far fatched from our current time.  Events consistent with what we deemed a dreadful period of humanity symbolized a demarchational signature currently has not been historians annotated to be one of the pivotal points of the European History if not the World History.  It is not possible to talk about the wall that segregated the East from the West without tracing back to its recent ramifications after the sequential defeats of the German military machine during its resiliant struggles against the Eastern Bloc Countries united behind the Soviet Union (30 December 1922 – 26 December 1991).  The wall signified the mark of the life line that had to be severed because of the idiological difference in obervation to the collective efforts in managing a City and her Citizens to which must bear the pains and sufferings of the imminent defeats in the battlefields from both the East and the West. 

It was not until January of 1987 I had not any chance to touch upon this subject of Berlin Wall for it was so remotely located and yet so Westernized in comparison with the losses of the Chinese during the Second Sino - Japanese War (18 September, 1931 – 09 September, 1945) and its subsequent intenglement with the World War II (01 Sep, 1939 – 02 Sep, 1945).  Nonetheless, the Chinese had tried to recover their losses from the First Sino - Japanese War (01 August 1894 – 17 April 1895) and to stand firmly against further oppressions added to them by the Japanese.  The famous Siegfried Line (1916 – 1917) was very useful in defense during WW I, the Great War (1914 – 1918), and General Alexander Von Falkenhausen (29 October 1878 – 31 July 1966) would also like to build one in JiangSu province, China prior to the aftermath of the Battle of Shanghai (13 August 1937 – 30 November 1937).  General Falkenhausen was the right hand man of General Hans Von Seeckt (22 April 1866 – 27 December 1936) during the Sino-German Cooperation (1911 – 1941) and the successor of General Von Seeckt. Despite the fact that General Von Falkenhausen was not able to orchestrate this Westline to defend Nanking.  Yet, he led the defense of Shanghai had made him famous worldwide.  General Von Falkenhausen, who was recognized to be the "Friend of China" by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek (31 October 1887 – 05 April 1975) later on during his 72nd Birthday in 1950.  General Von Falkenhausen had also received a cheque in the amount of $1,000,000.00 dollars as a gift from Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, his advisee.  Thus, the Battle of Shanghai of 1937 concluded by been termed as a "Battle of Germany of 1917" by the journalists and the beligerent parties alike.  The invisible and invincible "Wall of Morality and Martial Merit" had been erected during the services of General Von Falkenhausen and by the German equipped-German trained Chinese Infantry Divisions including 36, 87, and 88 of the 5th Nationalist Revolutionary Army.  The Hindenburg Line in China in 1937 was just as good as the Siegfied Line in Germany in 1918 governed by Field Marshell Paul Von Hindenburg (02 October 1847 – 02 August 1934).  Bus ride here is that same as the riding of Zuger in Europe although we have had some people like Henry Edwards Huntington (27 February, 1850 – 23 May, 1927) who had invested tremendously in finacing the railroad systems in the South Land as well as the City of Los Angeles, California.  Nevertheless, the development of the steam engines in the continent of Europa was far more earlier to be utilized as a major transportation vehicles that had saved much for the advancements of the European Countries.  Therefore, Bus was and still is the transportation portals for the exchanges of goods, of mails, of peoples, of many items in life that was not so valuably delivered, yet, without it the agony for not having the goods, the tools, the foods, and even the bag of coffee beans on time could cause great distresses upon the receipiants. 

Outside the bus was the beautiful world decorated by the snowflakes and the icicles dangling down the edge of the huts, of the Tainumbergs, of the Facade of the buildings, and even on the statues in the center of the traffic circles.  Only the Wintry scenes from the Christmas cards could express closely to what I was seeing.  It was just like in Dr. Zhivago, a novel had written by Boris Pasternak (29 January 1890 30 May 1960) in 1957 and filmed in 1965, when the horse carriage charging down the snow covered trails in the great plain of Siberia in that endless tundra like a moving tent disrupting the tranquility of the snowy day could one perceived how it was in the olden days to walk and to drag oneself in the field following after the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 05 May 1821) to seek out the Francophone cusins who were then the nobilities of the Imperial House of Romanov, the Tsar of the then Glorious Imperial Russia.  The snowy white fir coat covered burgendy dresses, wrapped in goldenish sashs to forge the unifications of the Slavic peoples under the same marching orders of the House of Romanov with the same emblem of the double-head eagle.

Who was that World renowned Austrian Chancellor Klemens Wenzel Von Netternich who dominated the German Confederation (1815 1848) who held the line to prevent the collapse of the German Nations under the oppressions of the French Empire that the Self-Crowned Emperor - Napoleon Bonarparte, his cousin to compromise and to concede in his demises to recompensate the losses of the German people during the consistent struggles of the anti-expensionism to the French Empire.  At which time, three quarters of the German population succombed to the tyrany of militant European powers branched out of the Charlemange Empire.

In the early time, Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach (01 March 1683 20 November 1737) was interceding for the future fate of the Holy Roman Empire with which whose father was also the Principality of Ansbach of the Hohenzollern family.  While interceding and praying the vision had been given to her as to the final disassemblance of the Electorates due to the change of the courses of the world in the heavenly places.  This can be seen from the wall murral hanging on the wall of the Kunster Musseum in Wien.  Knowing that the Late Crown-Prince Otto Von Habsburg (20 November 1912 04 July 2011) would eventually be the second to the last successor to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (01 March 1867 11 November 1918)  the successor of the Holy Roman Empire (800 06 Auguest 1806).  The fault line that would eventually split the metropolitan of the Capital City of Berlin by the erection of the Berlin Wall (13 August, 1961 09 November 1989) immediately after the cease fire between all parties involved; she pursuaded upon the Throne of Mercy in the High Court of Heaven to set the time limit to be that of Forty years, and was conceded with promise that if the German people still values their unity as members of the Same Confederation then they shall have the Seat of their Principality reinstalled.

Knowing that the danger of a total collapse of the effects of the militant aspects embraced by then the juanta of the Great War, the Crown-Prince Otto Von Habsburg worked extremely hard to devote his time, energy, and effort to regain the trust and cooperation of the members of the Holy Roman Empire through the affiliations of the Order of Golden Fleece (1430 Present time), which eventually resulted in the rebirth of the European Common Market and the subsequently established European Union, even though he personally could not be the sorveign after the rebirth of the New Holy Roman Empire.  At least, he helped to hold European Councils together so that any further collapse could be avoided.

Of course, those were the stories behind the scene of the World events happening in our time.  Nevertheless, history tends to repeat itself, and we as bystanders could not let go the essence of getting hold of our opportunities to keep up with the peace that holds our globe together in one piece -- whereby we call home.

Abruptly, came up the stage coach was a young damsel or we shall say a youg lady with her luggages in hand trying to find a seat that could provide some comfortable easements to sooth her feelings under duress.  Nobody wanted to take the seat next to me since I was not from local and I was in the winter uniform of the then honorable Imperial American Air Force pretending to be a soldier whose duty was to defeat the Imperial Russian Air Force with the typerwriter and the endless papers piled up everywhere around the typewriter save the in and out box to file the works away.  Of course, I did not speak much of any German at the time since all the folks around were speaking English with their unique accentuated finesse due to the differences in enounciations of their Germanic Fatherland Mother tongues.  Ja!? Ja wohl!  Uff da!, for example, were all that goes around.  She spotted the open seating and that was available to her, so that she politely took the seat.  On the other hand, I have had no clue as to what she was so uptight about and so anxiously putting herself in a more defensive attitude than that of the nominally relaxed positions most of the travelers were adapted to since the seating was on the Grey Hound Bus instead of the Lufthansa wide bodied airboat. 

She needed counseling in order to discharge her anxiety so that I too could enjoy the ride to Los Angeles.  After all, the bus would have traveled through the Midwest of the great plain east of the Rockies.  I then asked if she believed that someday or one day that the Germany would have to be united as one Country again.  She was all the more emotional since that was a dream so far fatched and so alienated from any possibility to her possessions and positions.  She was what we understood to be the exchange student which served as a exchanged Child of Peace to apologize to the survivals of the soldiers who had succombed in the frontal lines of the then German Defensive Lines all over European Theaters, as an Ambassedor for Peace to offer endless gravience and sorrows to compensate those whose mind were still dwelled upon the moment that fateful telegram had to be delivered to their home address in lieu of the previously anticipated re-union after all that was over.  I could not recall her name now.  It has been over twenty some years ago. 

I tried my best to make sure that she was looked after since she was only a teenager and I was trying to bring her good news to cheer her up.  She felt so much guilt to be honorably elected to bear the Corss of Jesus the Christ for the German Peoples in Europa to ask for their American cousins to forgive Germany and to forget not the common efforts and bondings their common ancestry had had shared.  Although I have never had a chance to see the Berlin Wall, nonetheless, I have heard many stories about the wall and the many people who gave a try and won their freedom in lieu of thse who yielded their life for trying to cross at point blank.

She was very kind and gentle to accept a word of concern from a person who was also remotely informed of the news.  I told her not to feel lonely since we do have some Germans on board the bus who could accompany her safely to her destination point which was the North Western University some where boardering the state of Texas.  Sure enough, we had four of them, and she was so happy to know that there were still "Countrymen" around who could defend her honor and provide for her a shelter in time of need.  Although it was only a temporary duty assignment in her case to spend the year in the Unisted States to give apology and sorrow to those whose hearts and minds were still caught up by the streaking moment of that ceased flame whith hope.  It was suce a huge task to embrace knowing that one could not have failed the tasks on hand and the hope to make peace, however slim it could be, to befriend those who had actually fought her countrymen during the WW II.  I can only say that I hope that she had enjoyed her stay in the United States, and the Berlin Wall has finally collapsed in her life time.

It was such an amazing time that when the Berlin Wall has been finally torn done, the joyous spirit could be felt glogbally for three days and three nights, even if one was not watching the news from the Rueters News on the television tube.  I was glad that the Berlin Wall did crumbled down like I had told her earlier on during a wintry day on my way to Los Angeles.  She had off boarded the bus in Butte, Montana to change for another Grey Hound Bus going south to Texas.  We talked also about the "Love Story" by one of the European Writer telling the story of a high school student of having no more lessons to take due to the political changes taking place in their life time.  Maybe one day I would want to visit Alsace and Lorraine or taking a tour to Salzsburg to find my dreams and to bear my cross by following Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

I did listen to a sermon preached by the late Mr. Edwin H. Waldvogal of the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church in Blooklyn, New York many summers ago.  He was preaching in German, in English, and speaking in tongues while trying to get the point across.  I was only able to know about eighty percent of what he was preaching.  I could no longer remember the sermon, yet, his kindness, and fatherly love to us, had deeply embedded in my heart.  Maybe that was the same for others to receive when less expected!

Later on, when I visited Wien for the first time in my life, and the last trip with my beautiful Swiss-Austrian ex-wife, I saw the answer on the mural hanging on the wall and took notice of the art work that had been done some three hundred years prior telling the story of the end time of the then Holy Roman Empire.  I observed and now I could say honestly that God did not want us not to know our time.  He is as He always was getting ahead of us to foretell what will happen in the future, even if we might not anticipate its happening in our life time. But, still it is near the end.  Do you not think so? 

And, I received my comfort from the Stephensdom.  I wrote a pray request on a scratch paper and dropped in the box for prayers.  Then, I returned to the United States after the trip was over.  One day, when I least espected.  My prayer got answered.  It is not only reflected the love of the Father in Heaven and also the fellowship of the Saints, no matter where one was, nor what had happened.  The Body of Chirst is always One.  God has mysterious worked out all the details of our life, be it knowingly, or unknowingly.  Time has never been a problem.  They knew long time ago.  We know now.  Someone else will have to learn it later on.  The pardon we all received from God lasts forever!

The grand finale has come to pass even the "Baby" who was painted in the mural has passed away on to the next leg of his journey from this world.  Yet, when the mural had been made so many years ago, he was not even born!  It is by Faith we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is by God's Grace we receive the Salvation of Jesus Christ freely.  Yet, Jesus Christ has died for us some two thousand years ago.  Will He not be coming soon?  Yes, He will.  One day when less expected!  Be Blessed. 

Now, do we need to see another illustration of the second coming of Jesu Christ?  It will happen, and die Spiegel will put up the banners for all!  Just wait and see!

One last item on the list was the Double-Headed Eagle which was the emblem of the House of Palaiologos, and it was by this relationship that the Imperial Russia and the Kingdom of Prussia linked together so that during the last meeting of the Order of the Maria Theresea held by Kaiser Franz Joseph (18 August 1830 – 21 November 1916) and all the Primos could come together to pave the way for the future Europa under the Holy Roman Empire from which we have the modern day Europa!  This is of course, the blessings in disguise under the Byzantime Empire which still alive and well today.  The Eagle as one of the living creature among the four is still well and functioning in the High Court in Heaven to commence the blessings flowing from the Throne of God to all people. 

The blessings pour out from the Throne of God in Heaven to the German people worldwide through the Celebration of the Unification of Germany at the Brandenburger Tor is still fragrant like roses, sweetness like honey, and smooth like the olive oil to nurture and to grow, to restore and to heal, to empower and to encourage the soul, the body, and the spirit, just as the Lord God Almighty has commanded it, so shall it stand and remain from this day forward until forevermore!


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