Fishing Ship Blog

Peter fish can be found in the Sea of Galilee, whereby a fishing boat has been uncovered recently during the excavation of the artifacts surrounding the lake area. The water surface is slightly smaller than it used to be due to the fact of the fresh water to be used to support the surrounding communities. Some of the hulls of the sunken ships still have its master staffs protruding above the sea water to identify the location it was been baptized during the siege for control of the area.
When the General came to the brook in the forest, all those horsemen who had followed him faithfully if not loyally had to pause for a break before they enter into another array of fortified sentries. The winding down of the first charge left nothing to miss except that the enemy seemingly was taking it with a pride, if not a soiled deportment. That was not too swelled to look onto nor putting in the back of one's helmet. A small hamlet was near the brook now turned red after so much soldiers, horses, and who else was in the way of the senseless charge, except the local people who stood afar and observing the outcome of a deprived party.

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