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Peter fish can be found in the Sea of Galilee, whereby a fishing boat has been uncovered recently during the excavation of the artifacts surrounding the lake area. The water surface is slightly smaller than it used to be due to the fact of the fresh water to be used to support the surrounding communities. Some of the hulls of the sunken ships still have its master staffs protruding above the sea water to identify the location it was been baptized during the siege for control of the area.

Galilee is a place where Tiberias was and still is the commerical center for jewelry trades, especially, for Diamond trade.  Next to the Tiberias Sea, on the west shore, most of the antiquities can be found and traced easily to 3 millenium before.  A recently uncovered sailor ship was about the time of Jesus the Christ.  It was nice, but not big, which made the story between Jesus and his Disciples in the raging storm more reliably appealling to us, than to the olds.

Along the sea shore one can travel eastbound to leave behind all the historic accounts known to us who called ourselves Christians, which is Christ likeness.  We then will cross the Jordan River, at which point the water flows out of the Lake of Galilee to the pilgrimage highlight and hot spot for Water Baptism by Immersion.  Peter fish has been served there in the neo-classical restaurants for everybody whose desire was to experiencing the lift style of Peter and John, and whose delight in having it will surpass the cold water soothing souls in high spirit.

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