A Large Menorah had been set up at the Western Wall for the Feast of Light, which is also the Feast of Tabernacle to commemorate the event that Judah Matthias the Priest-King who had overturned the fate of the Jewish people which led to the Maccabean Revolt in an age and place in included in the Bible.  He won for the People of G-d their true identity in G-d as well as in the Temple, the rightly place to draw nigh to G-d the Creator of the World and King of the Universe!
Minorah in front of the Wall
(This photo was taken exactly on the Eighth Eve of Celebrating Chanukah 5774 in front of the Western Wall at the Temple Mount.) 
Light up the First Candle for the Feast of Light.  In Eight days and nights the lighting up of the one additional Candle indicates the continuation of the Celebrations and Commemorations of the defeats of the Syrian-Greek forces and the consistent triumphant of the Maccabean Forces who fought under the gallant leadership of Matthias the High Priest during the time of 168 B.C.E. to some time later until their common foes were entirely been defeated and surrendered the Temple to the hands of the Jewish residents in Jerusalem.
The People at that time did not have Flash Lights or electricity to light up their light bulbs.  Therefore, all they could do at the time was to use the olive oil as the fuel to light up the Temple during the evening hours.  Of course, according to the tradition that there should always have a perpetually lighted up lamp at the Temple symbolizing the everlasting worship to the Lord and to illuminate the Temple during all hours of the services by the priests, the Levites, and the people of G-d, including the High Priest. 
However, during this time there was only A Little Jar of Oil could be applied to the Menorah which was a kind of lamps.  According to the common practice that much oil could only be used for a day length of time.  Yet, to the amazement of the beholders that same amount of oil lighted up the Temple for Eight days and nights.  This token of length of time symbolized to the Jewish in the Temple that the answer of the Lord was to accept them and their sacrifice in defending of the Jewish Traditions and Practices.
In view of all believers that Miracle took place at a time that was very unique and significant to the beholders, thus, the lighting of the candles become a new tradition to be kept throughout generations.  Today, we too are looking for miracles that proves to us the existence of the living G-d.  Nonetheless, it is by following the traditions and keeping the Words of the Lord that we see and touch the Living G-d in light of His Glorious Presence.  No matter what others said and did, if you are a follower of the Words of G-d, keep on doing it and the Lord of Life will reward you accordingly in His Grace and Peace that is surpassing all understandings.  Shalom!
(Sunset in the Jordan River Valley, the City of Jerusalem is in the background.)
This view had been taken which was either from the King's Highway, which is located on the left bank of the Jordan River.  Otherwise, it is in Bethlehem, which is half an hour away drive from Jerusalem.  Take an educated guess, se vous plait!
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