Long time ago, when all the world was busy with the rudimentary needs of live among the living.  There were a group of female warriors who took upon themselves the way of life and the way they defend their style of living.  It was at a time that the military prowess surpasses all things else, that demand kept all the weaker groups subjugated themselves to the tirades of people whose stature and strength encompasses all that resided under their torsos and their decrees. No exception could be found in any where, be it legible or illegible, the word "Force" took presidency in everyday life.

Ultimately, the ladies were fed up with the ruthless treatments of the oppressors and decided for themselves to give their oppressors some sort of justice and peace.  That was when the Armazons the formidable name was been forged among all else.  They took the lead and built a city under their skillful military tactics and strategies.  By carefully applying their stratagem and conducted clandestine operations with sisterhoods of neighboring tribes, they succeed in counter acting upon their intruders and decided to take the invasive mode of a live style as been an huntress to keep abreast with their contenders and common foes in the battle fields.  The exercise of their stretched faith and the maneuvering of their masculine toughened bodies they built the City of Ephesus.

Vested in the adorable gabs, granted by the blessings of the Pope.  Perhaps the unction of the Bishop that the Church Orthodox and the Church Catholics abstinently pursued their autonomous jurisdictive authority to clone and to conduct the services of which the victors had never once, mortified their common foes until listening to the debates between Paul and the Silversmith who had ultimately uttered the audience to torch the slanders of the artistic works of their hands to the cantor. Second return had trumped the malaria and each step they took simply upset the agenda to change Nisi, egocentric proclamations echoes the one hundred years of peace and its ending rented apart by the earthquake that hit the City and ripped it apart.  Not too much to say was the destruction caused to the residents underneath the rubbles and the marble colonnades once erected up and tall among the stony works.  The wind has been nibbling on the half stood facades sampling the temple goers feeble efforts to dictate and to concur with their words about what had truly happened. 
The Epistle to the Church of Ephesus takes a preeminence in the New Testament even more so than the books of the Old Testament because it reviewed to us the hidden world behind the visible vision of the eyesight.  I do not blame Paul who can do better than any and everybody else in detailing the hierarchical structures of the invisible side of the equations. But, there is nowhere guarantee that the Church that there is one and the only one way to overcome.  Although at times the believers succumb to the pressure of the finance under the disguised grotesque needs of some Ebenezer Scrooge.  Nevertheless, it was only a move to shift away the desires and to tilt the balance to the favor of the earthly Kingdom which will test one's true faith.  In a sense, to make the right choice and to desire the right way of living then the Ephesians can retain and remain faultless, and full of His Marvelous Light, i.e., the work and the power of the Holy Spirit. 
No wonder is the real wonder when the Church learned from the example of Jesus Christ, yet living a lifestyle that is not honoring G-d at all.  All we know was that sentimentality cannot save, and being sentimental cannot be safe.  When and where the tide should turn is not to be decided by the stomach, but by the sheer numbers of determinations one obtained during the conversion process.   
Earthly Church does not require to become saved, since to be saved has basically satisfied their interpersonal needs and will not damage their interpersonal relationship.  But, is interpersonal relationship so important that they dare not to cross the line to maintain the Church Dogma?  No. indeed, for one bread, one must perform the work that is worthy of the bread, otherwise, there will be no bread at all.  Perhaps Catholics was wrong, nonetheless, G-d does require of His people to work to make the ends meet, or the people will work G-d for the miracle to make the ends meet.  All things are possible, but not all things are pleasing (permissible) unto G-d. 
That is why Paul categorized for us the needs to have Christ as the Head of the Church, because in the current settings and conditions, the family structure can be disrupted without knowing it, or knowingly interrupting the way to make it ambiguously so that it hurts all, and all can take it for what went amiss.  This is the typical way of struggle if not seeing it correctly.  When perfections comes around, there has to have the imperfections to go along with in order to prove to us that G-d is the One Who is perfect.  
However, in the book of Revelation even the most perfect one becomes imperfect, since the goal is to look for Overcomer, not perfection along.  When Abraham was 99 years old, that was the time G-d wants him to be perfect.  Obviously, he did not have much of other choices.  But, we can be perfect if and only if we step into the Tent of Meeting with G-d just like Moses did.  What was achieved on the Cross cannot be ignored.  But, what was required did not change, that is without Holiness no one can see the Lord!  It is to satisfy the requirements of G-d, not the man, and nobody can keep the Law, which was a given.  Therefore, by observing the Laws along cannot earn Salvation, or to eat of the Tree of Life. 
Telling the Truth and Loving genuinely to other human beings can be difficult since the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden.  After all, these lessons Adam and Eve had learned with a painful price fixed to their life in this world, we are still trying to learn it repeatedly, despite the fact that Christ Jesus had died for our sins and resurrected from Death and Hades so that He may take away the keys to die and to enter hell.  We need to stick to our confession to acknowledge the Words of G-d in the Bible as if we are in the presence of G-d to keep the Commandments given to us individually and collectively inside the Church buildings or within the small group activities.  so that we may profess Jesus Christ to others as we are His followers, instead of been labeled as Christians in name only, not in deeds.  To love is to tell the Truth of G-d, not the temporal factual issues that matters not the manners of intent.  Be genuinely guided and led by the Holy Spirit, at times by the Power of the Holy Spirit.  Without the demonstrations of the power of G-d, the conviction to conversion from other faiths do not last.  Therefore, a true followers of Christ Jesus will do what the Lord bids them to do, and do it immediately and effectively, if not efficiently.  
We are running against Time, and time is Salvation to All, before the Second Coming of Christ Jesus come to pass.  That is to say, the Faith turned the table of reality to make something invisible visible and that something invincible tangible:  That is the pivotal point we are running against!  Miss that demarcation mark, one runs the race for nothing.  Therefore, be ye Holy as I AM Holy, has become a second to none Command.   Do not wait for it to happen, make it happen.  Do not live in passivity, be an Action Jackson, to take the bull by the horn.  Stay saved, and save others who yet needing the Salvation of G-d. 
Celebration Ephesus is to answer the prayers and requests, if not the intercessions of the ancient Saints.  After 2000 years have gone by, finally the Church can reply the simple request submitted to the Throne of Mercy some two thousand years prior.  The end will ultimately come, if the answer to the faithful ones under sever persecutions has finally arrived.  Then, the simple statement Jesus Christ had made when He was riding on the Clouds and receiving to Heaven, will also come to pass, in a day, two days, and a day and half...  When Time fulfills
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