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The Young Lions of Judah Ministry retain the right for its members to join the Hall of Fame. Although this can be a tradition of the Medieval Time, nonetheless, all people who has served before us has the right to have their Deeds and Names remembered by the public to observe and to remonstrate why there were times to be bold and steadfast when facing oppositions are one of the important characters of been successful and faithful until the end. Never before in any books in human history has ever documented a life of a perfect man, not to mention the fact that even Jesus of Nazareth had to be whipped and crucified on the Cross to show us the way to Truth, to Love, and to Life demand a just price. That price is so high that nobody among the descendants of Adam and Eve could ever repay Him back.
The name of this group is therefore came from the Book of Revelation Chapter 5:5. Obviously, the mind of flesh cannot comprehend the things of Spirit: When talking about some issues of being and actually been is rather hard to be, had there not been a deprivation of genealogies or the successions of the throne of David. Looking a Joseph and Mary their family life, one could know and perceive that it is difficult for them to stay still in their comforting home. An old gentleman awaits a young damsel to come of age to become his mate and lifetime partner--both of them had to come from noble houses and of equal share in earthly treasures, regardless what the history depicted about them. A couple of ordinary statuesque, since the new rulers were not of their original plot lines, for they were too much resembling the barbaric behaviors and deeds, if not moody and confusing of the foreigners of their clan. That was not a bad idea either, when indeed Herod the Great could do is just getting busy with the construction of the Temple, the Roman waterways along the costal line of Tel Aviv, and the amphitheaters in Caesarea-by-the-Sea. Oh, yes, his royal palace on the Cliffside of Masada, so that G-d can talk to him when nobody else came up for a visit.
When I stood on the site of the Fortress Masada on the first visit to the Tel Masada, the boulders, the remains of the besieged battlefield retained its destructive works of 19th Century earlier. It was said that one of the garrison sentry got his head knocked off just because he was standing in the ballistic trajectory line when the besieged Romans launched one of the test shots of their Catapult. One of the forerunners of the modern artillery battery in its original settings.
Nevertheless, Masada stands still after so many thousands of years untouched. While the Fortress in Megiddo retained all the changes along its formative years before the Conquest of the Canaanite land. Tel Megiddo located at the cross road between Europe-Asia-Africa, which is the focal point of many heroic deeds, stratagem and strategy consolidated formation. King Solomon likes this fortress because he had placed many horsemen and horses and the charioteers he brought from Egyptian Pharaohs and Assyrian Kings to form his motor pools there -- almost like the modern bases for the Panzer divisions of his time. Unbeknown to many that the expansion of the Mongol Empire stopped short of her westward bound adventures, which is just a few miles east of Tel Megiddo in Ain Jarut-the Spring of Goliath on September 3rd, 1260 by the consolidated Egyptian forces of Mulmuk Sultans of Egypt. The Kingdom of Georgia, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, and the Mongols were the consolidated forces that had initiated the attacks on the Egyptian forces.
However, the significance lies not only with the battle, but with the personnel who had taken parts in the whole siege. Of course, at the time Chinese were part of the Mongol Empire, so to be part of the Mongolian forces, if not the immediate families of the Generals. Otherwise, there were not even enough Mongolians to take upon the task of expansion westward bound, because, Hulagu Khan had led the majority of his forces eastward bound and he had left only twenty thousand horsemen to keep the peace, that which was not enough to do any damage to any formidable armies of his time in the region.
Likewise, it was impedible to the Mongols when facing with the overwhelming Egyptian Forces, be it from the continent of Africa or not, when numbered at eight hundred thousand in the field of the Jezreel Valley coming in from Arco west of Tel Megiddo, not to mention the additional four hundred thousand reserves from the around Egypt were also been mobilized to be ready to defend Egypt...
That was just the historic background of the stage to which we retracing the events and re-editing it for the modern readers. There was not too often the international events had had the involvement of Chinese people partially to be included into the reports or the Reuters News, if any, per se...
The person of interest is the leader of the small group of horsemen - a Nestorian Christian named Naiman Kitbuqa Noyan, who was a General in the Army of Hulagu Khan, one of the leaders of the Golden Hordes of Mongol rulers. And a descendant of one of the Three Kings according to the Biblical tradition, who was just married not too long ago before coming to the Great Expedition of Going West! His families were all with him, since by been a nomad, or at least a company of the Chivalry leaders, he had to have all his families following him. Today, one can drop any family members off at any locations of safety, and mind one's own business without a thought of it. But, in a time that is not so far away, the Strong ones also would have been accompanied with the weaker ones, which was the norm of their time. Therefore, in any given time, when a hero achieved a landmark of tremendous monumental Milestones, in advertently, somebody else would have suffered. It's the rules of engagement in the battle field, which one can only observe, and not to deviate from it. No insurance to be purchased against such attempt by means of collateral damages. The virtue of the Warriors dominated the trend and settled the tone of their purposes of living...
The other person of Interest lived around the same time frame was also a Warrior like unto him, yet, whose Mother was more determined to endorse and to encourage her Son to do the right thing for His Country and Himself. There is a little difference between obeying the mother versus esteeming the spouse...One died by succumbing to the traps in the battles, the other one died by trickery dripped down their filthy lips from the governmental corruptions. Obviously, it is to win by weaning out the justice, therefore, righteousness could be falsely represented. On the other hands, when darkness ruled, justice could not prevail at the time, but, it shall reside for its time of recompense and restorations.

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