Long ago, or more recent does not describe for us the importance of the Church Militia and the Church Unity.  There lays on all of us who are the followers of Jesus Christ to set people free from all kinds of bondages and chains the Devil set out to capture Christians who do not have the same vision as the Bible depicted for all of us at the time when Jesus Christ was yet walking on Earth.  The same token would be same for those whose desires were not gearing up to prepare themselves for the eventual return of the same Christ we call Jesus of Nazareth for the evil one has captivated their imaginations and their thought patterns could not deviate their behaviors from the World, but rather conforming to the world.  To those believers the Salvation will be done through the demonstrations of Power of the Holy Spirit.


Yes, it is very important to taken Communion.  However, the taking of Communion does not imply that one must live a frailed life style than that What God has provided for us to be throughout each and every step of our Chirstian walk with Jesus the Christ - our Lord and Savior.  The significance of the Anphitheater in Herapolis has actually provided us the modern Christians a place that we can have a sense of the past, the fully embracing of the present and the invitation of the future.  Time has its essence to channel to us what was going on in time past.  .Rememberance often time ignores out priorities that sum up our doclors sit amid the educational tribunal, consecutively turn to a deeply unsuspected students and asking a question piecing into the deep thought of mind of nothingness.   Admid the poised checking elicitate the right to remain silence, and that is what they want you to do.. Sed viverra mi et mauris condimentum faucibus. Nunc a elit quis neque egestas faucibus. Phasellus felis augue, tristique tincidunt cursus sed, ornare eget nisl. Nam arcu justo, facilisis a ornare id, sollicitudin sed metus. Ut elementum, arcu tempus lacinia pharetra, ipsum metus pulvinar sem, quis faucibus nibh risus eget mauris. Nam lacinia turpis ac urna rhoncus pulvinar. Curabitur aliquet tortor est, sed semper purus. Nam sollicitudin porttitor risus, at ullamcorper est dignissim vulputate.

Up on top of the mountain ridge was the canstallation of the Big Dipper, which looked like unto a silky work from the orient with the shiny stars forming the constallation radiating its mejastic light.  The deep Egyptian blue sky simply forming the background for the constallation to demonstrate its unsusceptible outlook that any ordinary folks from any given period of human history will feel the awesome design from the mind of the Creator of the Universe.  The flashing ray gave up its rays to any and all brillian objects that can reflect and deflect the reality of otherness that we human kind coould only quest without giving an answer to it.   ac sem orci. Sed rhoncus dignissim metus, non lacinia diam consectetur et. Aenean condimentum facilisis leo, quis aliquet dui aliquam sed. Nulla vel arcu augue, ac molestie tellus. Ut pretium egestas tellus, ut feugiat dui aliquet quis. Etiam lacinia ultricies enim. Curabitur tincidunt, turpis et mattis scelerisque, quam risus sodales massa, vitae lobortis leo mauris vitae metus. Nulla nisl leo, tincidunt eu cursus id, molestie sit amet nunc. Donec bibendum gravida nisl vitae pharetra.

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