Lions from the East and the West

Lions and lionesses are part of Creations Creator desires for them to rule among the animal kingdom.  Likewise, men and wemen of God are to be the leaders in their potential trades to be the example of what it meants to be the knowledgeable and curtious beings.  However, in the coloquial expressions of Chinese language, if the lioness is of the east bank of the river, which symbolizes the matriachal power in the household, then the man of the house will have to yield his own honor and discernments to the better half of the Creative Being, the Union that brings to him his very pride and at times arogance.  These interruptions suggest to us, the traditional Jewish understandings of Eve, who is the perfection of being human, more so than that of Adams.
It is always hard to tell if one used to have a pair of speculars within his briefcase.  However, it is very true that a pair of glasses can always expose the weaknesses of the contending parties, had them both mutually agreed not to break the bond of peace.  The peace of the household, the peace in the workplace, the peace of the judge, and the peace of the debtors are all in need to maintain and to keep to the best of one's knowledge.  Common senses are acclaimed if anyone in a given situation can break the bound of piecing it together.  Who then should take the leads is always a wake up call to the one that is not involved:  A chairman of the board, a president of the parent teacher association, or a boss of the union, can all be that one person; else the whistle blowers all over the places.  Who then is that Lion or that Lioness from Banks on the East and West of the River Of Life!
Cultures are the outward manifestations of the diversity on account of the Humanity.  It is a form of expression to which the hidden meanings of the speaker can be perceived by the audience.  sometimes the specific audience which we called the targeted group out of many from which the utmost concerns of the public speaking does not address.  The concerns of the non-targeted group often time fall barren, which indicates that the one who addresses a smaller group of people while the majority does not even come closer to the focal points of the deliverer.  The reason we need to have the two banks on either side of the river is because, the Words of Adonai is of two edges, which swords does not protect the skillful users of knives.  The distinctions between the sword and the knife are many, however, the sharp edges treats the subjects of its objections in the same swiftness as the Creator has intended.  The two sides of the cut suggesting the users must be familiar with the intent of the Owner, not just the desires of the Crafty Man.
Way too often we consider only our points of view and never thought of the possibility or chance to work together to create something new or to serve the community we live in.  However, in contextualization of the fellowship among the believers, there will always be a common goal among all others to be achieved and attended given time.  And, it takes time to unveil and to reveal the future of the current events:  be it wisdom or be it social economically oriented, or just because it was the time and the task was to be fulfilled.  What then will have happened when the Lions and Lionesses from the East met the ones from the West?
The Onenota Church recently came out an idea to celebrate the story of many people in a single event which was really audacious and on the frontal line to coomeorate the life and the time of Dr. Sun, the Founding Father of modern China.  That was because he prayed in the Chapel of the Church.  No matter what he prayed for, the event that took place a century ago is still manifesting itself in front of our eyes vividly.  Maybe it was not the way we thought it might have been, but who knows what George Washington had seen in his visions about the futuristic events from his prospectives that would not have made him doubt the reality of the fulfillments of the Biblical prophecy we now-a-day hold in high esteem?!
Was it for G-d or for Country which could not be debated posthumously.  Nonetheless, today there are more than 150 Million Chinese Christians versus one million some sixty years ago, and much less at the time of Dr. Sun, eventhough he himself was a believer of Jesus Christ.  Likewise, it was the Puritans who were seeking the freedom in a World that was so equally unknown to them by coming over to America in order to evangelize the citizens of the New World which led to the changes unbeknown to them.  Was it so much so of the freedom that leads to revolution or G-d the Author and the Finisher of our Faith was actually the director and the conductor of this show that we are now playing a part of?  Jewish people has a distinctive belief that there is no coincidence it should have happened that way. Therefore, G-d theb had to make it the way it had happened so that the young Lion of Judah rule.  Like an old saying that G-d is still seated on the throne, and has never anticipated to get off even if the waters flooded greatly everywhere else.  Therefore, the event of human kind is in the saving hand of G-d.
Jesus of Nazareth is the Lion of the East since Jerusalem is the Capital of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel is in the Continent of Asia.  By being in Asia, his Gospel has passed on to the Western World and came across the Atlentic ocean to America.  Then, from America to China in Asia again.  What does this continuum indicate and imply in terms of the Good News for Modern Men?  It has taken almiost two thousand years when the Root of Jesse came in flesh to be born of Virgin Mary in the wildness of Bethlehem in the Shepherd's field which many of us have been there and visited the place.  How much time do we have left before the final trumpet sounds in the Heavenly as well as the earth?  No man knows the answer.  However, it does not prevent us from celebrating the historic event and to know that G-d is in Control.
Courtesy of the Interim Senior Pastor of the Onenonta Congregational Church, with permission, 2014
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