Mt. Carmel

Load up the Goodness of the Lord is what the King of Israel, King Ahab would like to receive.  He has been so used to the praises and the showing of Gratitude by others, except the Prophet Elijah from whom he received nothing else but declined words that salted his foods and much of his wine.  G-d in Heaven is always correct in His order of Creation.  If someone who cannot make it out good, the Lord will always use somebody else to train and to tame and to correct the rulers of the Land, so that the Country of Israel can stand and stand tall among all nations.  Then, that means a price needs to be paid in order to get the trainings associated with the Crown. 

Up on the back of the Camel are not always the Prince or Princesses, per se.  But, it is always a band of sojourners moving in and out of the beautiful scenic pictures of the Mountain Carmel range. While the weather was good and the breeze sent in the freshly litted sun spots on the plain of Ashkelon, an unintented bombshell blew off, right out of the blue.  All our efforts went down to the tumbling slope did not stop the widely spread spoils of laughters and krankling of the jokes.  obviously, it was rather unnecessarily coutiously for all the security and its parapphernalies to come togehter; since these were just a bunch of the tourists whose desire to see and to be seen among all else were very prvailant. 
Nevertheless, there are some of the local people also would want to meet with them to exchange what they have experienced and at the time that how they had lived their life during the time of temperary transition from a land that was not too far to enter into a land that was almost berren for ages.  No mentions were made during the time, and nothing else could have come to the surface so un-expectantly. 
But, The local residents were all came out of their hide outs and emerging into the picture.  Another historic event was taking place again.  Just as it was before 1948, all the gallant men and women came from afar all the way from Sini to join up and to join in the fight for the Independence of the modern Country Israel.  People tended to be forgetful and often time they forgot what was the primary reasons that had summoned them and guided their foot steps to this land to fight.  There was nothing much to be seen, but they saw the War, at the Wall they wailed, and again at the Wall they saw Victory so that their enemy swallowed their pride and yielded.  There were so much to see in such a little time, in a capsular of eternity they marched forward sacrificially and gave up their life for their Country, a Country existed in their perpetual dreams and everywhere their feet trod on.  That was a promise of the Lord through Joshua.  When Moses saw the Land and commanded their children to cross the river Jordan.  Of course, Elijah had assisted King Ahab to win a few battles here and there over the plain of Jezreel Valley.  But, nothing like what Elijah had done on top of Mt. Carmel. 
The Prophet who waged the Flaming Sword up high to grant the fraudulent ones a strike  simply to send them along the same way they came up to face the verdict of the justice and peace.  Then, he ran, all right the horsemen could not even catch up with him.  That was the way to get off the do-ju on top of the mountain.  Yes, they all went and gone with the wind.  Today, the intercessory groups from Sini came to embrace and to encroach upon the tower of the Prophet for the same anointing and calling to restore the Kingdom of Heaven for their own kindred and Country. 
In order to bridge the gap prior to the acceptance and adaptation of the land, the way to build a spirit of camaraderie was through something spiritual and something significantly to all.  Therefore, the music addressed to the flag arose silently, quietly, and then brightly, and brilliantly into the thin air, to those whose spirit de corps enjoyed, and to those whose heart's desire intended resounded.  Then, the unification of the people in small groups became agglomerated into a larger group.   Suddenly, there was only people from Sini were around.  One could not tell where the other came from, we became a large family and from one of the same Country again. 
The exuberant joy filled the mid morning air.  Such a rejoyce was rather supernatural just like those whose courageous efforts and endless struggles in the front line of the battle fields had finally earned them their rewards.  There was such a light heartedness to all of us as if we had been released from a long oppressed contending situation.  The weightier matter of wars and the rumors of wars had been silent, when the trumpeters sounded the final retreat and the surging resciliance submerged from within its egoestic struggles to better oneself to befit for the fight. 
 It was to my surprise that we were all gathering together on the roof top and by no chance that all of us could tell the journey of how our ancestries from a big and old Country that tried to be young again, just like from Phoenix, life has a different outcast, and outlook, to criss-cross one another sixty some years after the final V-J day. 
Yes, in the course of transaction, one Country failed and succumbed to the undercurrents of its many whirpools, and the young one rose from the turbulent flows of the incessantly struggles throughout the centuries.  1948 was a good year, so was 1945, and the good many years prior to the day of Victory.  But, who knew that the year after was a whole lot different story.  Espionages from all around, Coup de-tate was inevitible; we came out on top and made it thus far.  It was an unique and timely Reunion, for all of us, because of our forefathers who fought in the War side-by-side for the wellbeing of the one and only Country they knew of, and the final triumphant leading them into the formation of another Country. 
It came with a price, but, a pleasant one and a blossom one.  Yes, Mr. Theodor Herzl sowed the seed, and Mr. David Ben-Gurion and Miss Golda Meir reaped the yieldingsToday, it is harvest time, and the Yieldings grows from 30 folds, to 60 folds, and to 100 folfs.  All things Biblical came to pass in front of our eyes.  For sure that we did not participate in the exile, but, one sure thing is that we all participated in the Returns and Restorations of the Land. 
Mr. Dan Gur was very enthusiastic to tell me everything about the Land, the Country, and his Father, with whom I did not have the chance to meet.  Yet, his accentuating friendliness also reflected upon the festival seasons of the actions taken to bring about the Ha Tikvah of the modern Chanukkah! 
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