Lo and behold!  The miracles have happened again.  However, it was not in the Name of Jesus Christ, rather it is of another entity.  The discernments of the Church at the time was as it is today having her own interpretations of the signs and wonders.  Remember always that an ordinary human beings do not have the extra-ordinary functionalities that solely belong to the spiritual beings. The importance is not that whether the results were identically the same or different, however, it is the sources of power that is demonstrating the features of healing.  When one steps into another dimension other than the one we are currently abideth in, then, there will always be something other than ordinary happens.  Of course, it is always good and preciously to see someone to whom you care to become healt and whole again, nevertheless, for a moment of indifference one could be at a duplexity without knowing its impact as to from whom this healing coming from.  The reason all the seven churches in Asia Minor were Greek speaking congregations was because that Greeks were more eagerly pursuing Truth and Logical facts in a rather scientific manner.  Matter is only an element to gain understanding and to master the invisible world that exists in parallel to our world.  The link between two world or rather two Eons are not the same, nonetheless, it bridges the conceptual differences between the visible and the invisible.  Logics alone is not the answer.  Facts alone is not the results.  Reasons alone cannot produce the outcome expected by its thinkers.  Then, why in Purgamum we must spend some time significant to our current understanding of the power encounters and its relative spiritual warfares codifies the interpretations hidden from the language and today's so called modern world.


Every bits of information carries within it the embedded message that is only to be revealed to the contenders for Truth and Justice.  Free from the time capsular, one might see a whole different plot hidden from age to ages.  Bible talks about something was in existence once, but no more, and yet, it will come back again.  This recurrsive logical thinking has never been accepted to most of the popular thinkers.  The think tanks contain people who only wants to have an immediate solution of the resolutions that had been in placed to answer the unbehoved situations that which remains unbeknown to us.  That was because of the learning process to an ordinary man is through sighting, or seeing, rather than hearing or listening.  Although one might have a photographical memory, but if there in existence only the sounds, the answer will not be forth coming, until one has seen it.  And, our G-d is into the sounds, therefore, the audacious dispute is to link the sight with the sounds.  Understandings of the sounds will help us in a way beyond our current perceptions and intuitive response will need to have the pace of scientific experiences increased beyond what the computer can do for us.  That is a big gap to leap off, and without such a temporal change to happen, one cannot achieve what is currently deemed impossibly to acommplish.  Achieve it is necessarily to.   improve the sum dopplor radar collected and sits amid the ethnical debates over the matter truly concerns all people involved, consecutively turned the concepts around between displacing elite view versus the simple perception. Sending into vividly teriffic ramifications of the emitted messages automatically rises condimentary falucious virture. Nummeral inceptions of such an editorial qualm is new quest edged statistical faults as well as the prescribed for us. Perhaps elucidates hold on to their felis auguementary debates, transisting equaly epidemic distinctions during candid knots curcumspecu;ating the sets sending through space and time, ordinary expansion of the stage cannot and is not the reasons learnt for it. Names are cumulatively justified throughout, facts still is not coincide with such a ornamentary finding, sollicitations of the undone works in sendimentry layers does not hold the answers for us. Until elementary um, arcu tempus lacinia pharetra, ipsum metus pulvinar sem, quis faucibus nibh risus eget mauris. Nam lacinia turpis ac urna rhoncus pulvinar. Curabitur aliquet tortor est, sed semper purus. Nam sollicitudin porttitor risus, at ullamcorper est dignissim vulputate.

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