Long before time to be remembered was the one and only God who had planned out the course of our daily activities.  All the interactions we have had with all the people coming across our paths God has appointed them to deliver to us the message instanteneously just for that moment, either explicitly or inplicitly.  The message along with the carrier of the message give us the opportunity to interact and to establish others whose life we could barely perceive and whose pains we would never understood without the Words of God be pronounced and delivered to them at the time whence their hearts were opening for the inspirational words to refresh and to rejuvenate their quest and curiosity of their adventurous experience.  Life does not wait for us, actually we are seeking to create the lifestyle that was viably available within our sphere of influence.  Cares and concerns can be passed along with affection, and affecturated understandings of the levels of acceptance and degrees of endearment.  Morale is only a byproduct of the affections expressed and the heartfelt comfort responded.  Much of what we did not do can be completed through the feelings of the individual to their surroundings based on the spatial postures they expressed.  That was a town on the slope from within the street corners one can see the exciting facial expressions on the sweating faces of the workers coming back from the laborious work completed in the field.  What we were looking for was the bakery in the middle of the stores along the ancient street.  The fragrance from the freshly baked bread drew the appetitie of the bystanders crowding at the front of the scanty store.  Everybody felt so elated that nothing else could have prevented oneself from taking upon the steaming hot bread from the pan.  God created humanking in a day.  Man has to raise the dough from the flour and by baking it to make bread for food.  The joyful existance of all people in the bakery was hinged upon the oven baked fresh breads.   

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