Like it is time to visit Sardis, one of the most sportive area of the ancient time.  When we look at what others had done and what we are currently doing, the astonishing similarities simly mirroring and echo back and forth from present to the past and back to the future that which eventually become in time past.  We are not owning anything since the previous owners had to forfeit their holds in order for us to visit and reminiscent the tell tales of the past time.  Likewise, the moment of beholding the stories of the past simplifies the need to satisfy our curiousity as to what had become of them versus to what will have become of us.  Time holds the answers!

The Bath and Gym Complex of Sardis in Manisa, Anatolia, Turkey, dated 211-212 A.D..

( Courtesy of Atilim Gunes Baydin, author, wikipedia, released at 2007 to public domain. )



During the time when the facility was fully operative there were at least two hundred thousand men, women, and children surounding the place.  It is a place of forum, a place to exercise, to fellowship,. to meet people, and to bath, to dine, to drink.  Everything a person needed will be carried to and delivered from any where in the region so long as the catering services can provide.  Today, as it was in its hay days that place remain standing in the wide open field with wind be its sooth sayers and the companion to the silence of the past and not loud enough of the tourists of the present.  Perhaps tomorrow will we bring more friends and families to share with them the beauty of the public life only if we know how to build it up.


Although one may not be able to see clearly the Greek and/or the Latin inscriptions of the names of the emperors who had based on Sardis as their capitals, still it is a rememberence of what others had done in their life time to make it happen and to keep it happy for anybody who would want to visit and to share.  Maybe it was not per chance to visit Sardis, and in this City one can truly tell the togetherness of the Christian Church and the Synagogue.  That was because the two are emerged in one place.  Whether one would want to see the shorter versions of the scroll or the lengthy versions of the Bible, simply make it at home, be as you were.  Of course, today there is nobody there to introduce you to the synagogue caretaker nor the Rabbis who studied there.  In like manner, you will not see a Bishop celebrating eucharist or a preacher illuminating the Words of God.  However, its market places the straight streets and the ruin of the largest synagogue west of Jerusalem will always remind you that people lived there in olden days, just like it is today.  One of these days the market place just might open up to serve the tourists and visitors as it was before so many years ago.  Just wait and see!


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