Temple of Solomo

The First Temple that was built by the decree of King Solomon could not be seen today, even if one desires to know more of the style and the craftsmanship of the masonry work done by all those who had been working on the facades, the columns and the ornamentations of the detailed sacrificial and ritual purification utensils could not be found locally in Jerusalem.  Perhaps this is a bold statement regarding to the practices and the demolitions of the remainings of the First Temple.  Nevertheless, it was not the key factors in determining the successors of the Temple worshippers even at the time of Jesus.

Likewise, the repairments and restorations of the Temple of Solomon could be seen and visualized from the writings of Nehimiah, Ezra, and other minor propphets in the Old Testament of the revised Bible that we are using today.  The size of the Second Temple had surpassed Solomon's Temple in the style, the craftsmanship, the details and the weight of those foundational stones utilized to build the First Temple.  Although the treasure collected by King David could be very expensive according to the monetary systems of our day, however, the reality of the construction workers in his time did not possess the same vigorously amptitude like in the days of the Herod the Great.  By the way, Herod the Great is a King of the Jews and some other tribes residing in the territory of his dominion and domain.  Therefore, He was a Jew, or rather a descendant of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, a lineage of the Nobility of the then Jewish Power House in the Roman Palestine.

When we read the Bible, especially the New Testament, in the Gospels, that Jesus often a time had shan off the captors of the Temple Priests, the Sanhedrins, and the Roman Legionaires among the crowd, and yet, there were no explainations given.  That was because during Jesus time, the local news agencies were all focused on the reconstructions of the Temple Mount first and foremost, that was because if the foundation to the temple could not be finished, there would not be a temple.

In King Herod's time, during his reign, one of the most important things that he had done, was to take down the old remains of the First Temple -- the Temple of Solomon.  By far, if anybody wants to contending with the rite of the ritually oriented sacriligious procedure to demolish the Temple, King Herod the Great, he was the first and only one.  Of course, that Lord Jesus had predicted the fall and the total destruction of the Second Temple, which was the temple built by Herod the Great over a period of 46 years, and completed only a few years prior to the Passion of Jesus.  It was not zeroed-in by and at large, not until during the Siege of the Old City of Jerusalem between 67-70 A.D. by the Tenth Legion of the Roman Republic - then the imperially provicial Empire. 
Everybody wondered why the Temple had to be demolished, but, nobody dared to ask the questions regarding the officially demolished historic architecture of the Old Temple, the Temple of Solomon.   It was only until recently that after a heavy down pouring of the rain storms fell in northern Syria, that partially retained artifacts of the Old Temple was recovered due to the fact that it had been scratched and scorched by fire.  That means the Second Temple had also utilized some of the materials from the First Temple, since the destruction of the First Temple was done by fire also.  It was a white washed work or not, is no longer important as far as the sanctity of the Temple Builders their concerns.  It is rather important to our promised findings of the important elements of the larger than human size artifects from the ancient civilization versus the mordern technological development in creating and maintaining the projects in the same magnitude of scale and craftsmanship to out win the ancient by time, if not by wit. 
The intent to build and to complete the 3rd Temple can have an infinite delay had the incidental visitations by the Extra-Terrestrials in their recent exposure to the cameras of the survalliance systems surrounding the antiquities of the Temple Mount that is only been partially uncovered if not unearthed by the archeological workers through tunneling along side the base of the Temple Mount.  Thus, it created for us a view the ancient Christians would considered their only safety, to say the least, of the under ground Church, and now a newly found Synagogue.  history repeats itself with the help of  the curiosity of the mordern as well as the wisdom of the ancient people.   
It appears to be that the more recovery and restorations we do, the less there exists a chance for us to fight for the inheritance of the ancient workers, be it on the temple ground or in the querry.  One thing is for sure, that is when the King, if not the Pharaoh, wanted something to be done, the best way to appease His Majesty or Her Majesty was simply to do it.
All the quams one need was to observe and to venerate so that the feeble life can coexist with the Mighty and the powerful, even if only one has the name, but, history will tell it otherwise.  However, it is also up to the individual rulers who rule the Country by making the best choice for his or her people.  Whereas a people populated kingdom can be a strong one, and the strength of the Country can be invincible.  All the Countries need to have their people to defend and to define her existence in the World:  There appears no exception to the rule in this matter and over a general manner.
Nobody have built the Temple according to the dimensions mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel.  It appears to be that the first temple was of one model, the second of another one, and the modeling of the temple to be can be changed and modified according to the desire of the supervising authorities.  Therefore, the actual construction for the 3rd Temple is yet to be seen.  No pictures can be taken at this time.  We just might need to get permission from the Father in Heaven for sure, just like Moses did in the wilderness.  Toda!


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