The Ark of G-d

Lo and behold. There are two stony tablets in Moses' posession when he came down from the Mountain.  The first two tablets were been cased upon the sinful Israelites that were accompanying him on the Quest for Peace and Justice.  The second set had been kept intact when the crowd leared their lessons of the days.  Obviously, when the Gospels of Jesus Christ had been accepted overwhelmingly by the Etheopians and others, the Levites made a duplicated copy for the Etheopian Church.  The delima we have encountered according to the time frame of the availability and the conclusive evidences pointed out that during the time of Jesus the ark was not in the Holy of Holies, within the Tempel Herod the Great built for the Roman regime in the name of the common people for G-d. 
Should the concern is to be true, then the duplicated tablets had to be reproduced during the time of King Solomon while he and the Queen of the South were intimate friends or spouse.  Otherwise, it is rather impossible to have somethine that had been declared missing from its place of possession to come to a new set to resemble the same as it was not been misplaced.  Then, again, the same duplications can be one of the many sets floating around prior to the destruction of the Temple of Solomo prior to the exile of the South Kingdom of Judah.  Whether or not there were other duplicated versions of stony tablets went overseas from Alquba to the rest of the World was not sure and never have been mentioned if any.  Therefore, by setting the boundary to the story, we limited it to the concurrent findings based on the returning of the Etheopian Jews.  Their recent return has again concluded another chapter of the tribes of Israel in Diaspora. 
It was merely an insertion on the news a few weeks ago.  That the Wings of Eagles have again completed the evacuation of the Jews in Diaspora from Etheopia.  Although it did not make the headline of the Day among the Syrian Conflicts, Sino-Japanese relations, and or Soviet-US deplomacy, nonetheless, the scroll is rolling quietly, but efficiently and acurately.  The next item on the conference table will be the setting of the modeling of Najave in Petra.  Sometimes the ancient had done their dutes.  But, there were times, the modern have to follow up with them to get the job done.  Therefore, it is not so much so of the power struggle, rather whose armpits are having less contaiminants and residues from the poisonous encounters of politics can afford them to exercise their muscles to get the job done.  The rage of man, stays in his house.  The rage of God, unbearable.

Upon negations to so many successes cases in life, there were also many failures.  All those fantastic opportunities come to the individual once in a life time.  There must be a reason that the Lord puts 4 rules on one tablet, and 6 rules on the other.  That is not to say G-d did not give us a way to choose which one out of the two that we must observe.  It is rather that one to Him and one to the other, so that we behave like a creature according to the Biblical account of Creation.

Vestibute is never a bad area when one first visit a noble house. Likewise, the separation of the two rules has also demonstrated to us that there are two part of the equations in every answers given for us to inmitate the solutions.  The tablets have two parts:  one for the rules pertaining to God, the other one has to do with how we deal with one another.  Therefore, if anyone says that the arks are no more useful, then, the comments were being made incorrectly.  That is becasue all people have to go through the same procedures formulated by God himself in order to practice their spirituality.  Likewise, one must observe the other one in order to interact with others, and intermingle with the families and friends.  There is nothing not so important.  Everything is very important if you really want to get to know God.  Even if you just want to hear what Jesus had to say, be prepared, because He will not tell you different.  For the word says that I will not forsake you and that is what Jesus meant.  When He said that he will not leave you, rest assured that even when you are alone in your Adobe, or room, He is there.  You do not have to welcome him, for He is with you as He has promised.  Therefore, you can not be without Jesus.  Ask Jesus and you will have what you are asking for.  He is Faithful, and trustworthy, more so than anybody you might know in this world.  +++

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