The Battles of Megiddo

Love thy Enemy as oneself. That was the valuable teachings of Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth. However, when the Crusaders followed after the trails of the Pilgrimages of the Hermits and Nuns, that was 40 years in the making when something terrible had happened at a place that were least possibly to be hurt and injured. Obviously, a single individual cannot come up against an army, not to mention the right to keep oneself pure and consecrated to the unseen world. The world of God and his myriads of Angeles and Heavenly Hosts who sings and worship the Creator of the Universe perpetually surrounding the throne of G-d. It was rather unlikely the similar events would have happened since the Countries were not in clash with one another for a period of extensive time. That was due to the silence of the beholders and the subdued capturers. However, justice will always find a way to exercise the decrees of the High Court in Heaven.


For one person or the other, for one reason or the other. So that the image of G-d cannot be tarnished without first to obtain the permissions from G-d Himself directly. At such a moment the Lamb that was slain before the laying of the foundation of this World will have to come forward to unscroll the sealed scroll by breaking off all seven seals and take hold of His centralized position to declare and to announce the Creative orders ordained for the End Time. Many people will ask what have happened before it all ends. And, indeed many of the witnesses came forward to testify for Jesus during their Lifetime. Even if the words of God were slim and random, still it is G-d who has to speak up and to speak for Himself. The rest of the creatures can only be attentively listening to what G-d has to say. Nobody needs to concur to what he said, But, everybody have to lend their ears to hear what has been said. The Trumpets have to be blown in order to declare the final and grand finale of the Coming of the Lamb of G-d and the presentation of His Bride. This led to the beginning of the story when Moses was in Egypt and lived under oppressive regime with his family and countrymen. 430 years have gone by, nothing much had changed until one day when He stroke the task master, another Egyptian. That was the beginning of the great story of Exodus, when the Israelites walked on the bare ground at the bottom of the Sea of Reed.


The wall-like sea water body stood still on both side of the road. Yes, very scary since it is greenish blue in color. The water was like a glass window stood on both side. The fish and seaweeds waved along with the stream of the water inside the two separated body of waters. We looked at them, while they were curiously looking back at all of us. The water bubbles on the surface of the sea water flowing with the wind. The air bubbles in the sea grew from small to large without ceasing. Was it so puzzling? Yes. Who has walked the bottom of the Red Sea while the wind and the sands flying around the heavy steps trodden numerous prints on that soft and hardened seabed? If you dip your fingers into the watery glassy window, it will be wet, but, the moment one took the fingers out of the glassy water. There were no holes on it to leak out the deeply air-rich water from the sea of Reed. That was just too real beyond imagination. Howbeit, one must walk all the way through the dry ground to get to the other side. Moses was waiting for all of them passing through. There were a few Egyptians around, but they too followed along with their neighbors and friends, those people of G-d who had lived in generations around them. The Lord took them in as part of the group exiting the old land to the new.


Anyhow, whoever so trusted their breath to G-d, they too could enjoy the trip to wilderness with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The myriads of Angels and Heavenly Hosts look upon them like a hurdle of sheep making their way into a much larger wilderness. Pharaoh was nowhere to be seen, for as usual, he came the last until everything had been settled. But, this time, the Lord wants to see him. For it is about time, the humongous Egyptian Army was somewhere North of the Sea of Reed, roaming back and forth to gain territoriality and tribute for him. They were just too busy to be summoned back to deal with the escaped Bedouins leaving their post without saying Good Bye! Anyhow, the empire kept her strength as far as humanly concerned. But, the majority of the goods were all been taken to the other side of the Sea of Reed. For, G-d had compensated the departing parties their wages, losses, and treasures. No rush! It was not so rush a rush to go through since all who has the permissions of G-d passed through safely and happily.


The trail is not open to almost everybody, should anyone of them wanted to go back. But, it was not much time to contemplate on the issue of going or coming. The resistant forces of Pharaoh had filled the other side of the slope and began pouring into the narrow valley of the glassy sea. Being the Prince of Egypt, Moses knew full well what the Charioteers and the horsemen were doing the way they buzzed into the trench made of watery dirt. It was time to rest his arms, so he withdrew his arms. At first, they were not so sure about the eventful exit. But, look, the watery wall suddenly turned loosen, the fish was jumping on top of the Egyptians. Their goldfish decorated Chariots were all been pushed over. Some turned sideways, while others simply flipped over and capsized itself because it had hitting the soft mud in the bottom of the sea. The drivers were all been thrown out of their carts flying with their reins in their hands. The horsemen was able to stand the ground until the horses could not breathe in the freshly fragrant sea water. They leaped up as high as they wanted, but the weight of the warriors onto of them pushed them down to gain balance for themselves for fearing to drop off the horses. Once the wall collapsed on them, they could neither swim nor run, because they were buried deeply into the muddy waters with seaweeds all around them. It was too late, because their bravery and hot blood took them far away from the shore of Egypt and not closer enough to get on to the other side of the open field that they had once earnestly striving for it. Well, after swallowing enough water, which did quenched their thirsty throats, but also weighted their body down faster than they had been on the shore of the Neil River. Singing and shouting accompanied with the blowing of shofars in the new found land. The Israelites were happily greeted by their leaders and each tribal leaders if not the elders. Moses was with them at last, he needed not to go into the Court of the Egyptian Pharaoh to get his corporations to do a few things. It is all well. Really well.


Pharaoh had not reckoned what had just happened, the army that had accompanied him in front and behind had mostly gone with the wind that had driven them so far into the future that they will never return. Just like a stone dropped on the ground. His heart fell together with all the mighty men of his Pretorian Guards who had made him really proud to be the ruler of Egypt and the King of his people of Egypt. Now he had to withdraw and to get going quickly, just in case that the Bedouins turned around to capture him. Then, all would be good for nothing. Quickly, he commanded his remnants to turn and speedily leaving the scene of the disaster. At least, there still stood Egypt waiting for him to take care of, even though its wealth had been totally depleted beyond description the language could express. Kept his tight fists, he moved on.
The sentry came to report the good news from the battle field north. They were seemingly gaining control of the battle field, regardless, the charging back and forth of the horsemen and charioteers. It was a decisive moment to stay strong at the front.

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whereby the ancient and the modern emerges from the background to the foreground. Whereas Prsenet and Past create future.

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it's a wonderful trip.
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When you looking down from the roof top balcony of the House of the Prophet Elijah northward, you will see the greenish Valley of Jezreel, or the plan of Esdraelon in koine Greek. It is like unto an opened book waiting for the future events to happen.
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