The Chapel of Christ the King

Celebrant  Rev. Chen Fang
The Wedding Chapel is always a Pettite Charming Darling Palace for the Snow White and her Prince Charming to meet in front of God and their crowds to fuse their Passionate love for this life until forevermore.
Unlike the grandiloquent Cathedrals the Chapel resembles the symbolic beginning of a new life a whole person embraces the other significant one to enter into a tryst and a marriage that is, to say the least, fully of joy and remarkable memories.  The night was so young that the day has its tenets still radiating the majestic colorful spectrum from one end of the earth to the other ends of the Mountain ranges, signifies the very essence of a distinctive couple on their way marching toward an outstandingly distinguish family life together.  The anointing oil still dripping and pouring down on the heads of the Man and his Wife, while the High Priest presideing over their ceremonial process. 
A procedure so elegently conducted, in such a conducive way, that very moment the Blessings of the Lord touched the hair so softly and so tenderly, slowing down the progress of the age and increasing the joy unspeakable over the receipiants so meritorious and so Kingly that their Creator was not only seeing their wedding progression, but has actually reaching out His very presence to hold and to behold the newly weds in their  acclamation for a very sentimental reaspn to become One. 
Adam has once again gotten his missing rib putting back together as it was in time of Old, so shall he rule this Garden of Eden as it was never before.  Let the Shofar blasts.  Let the Heavenly Hosts proclaim to the World the Good News to the Shepherd in the field.  Let the Herolding Angels sing the mystery since the beginning even if it had not been, yet, it is and it shall be.  When the momonet sacremonially sanctified the Groom kisses His Bride.  In a like manner the Bride embraces Her Husband to wade off all others and to ensure the center of Her World like never before, yet, forever there after. 
Padre was watchful.  And, Matre was careful.  So also all the want-to-bes and would-have-beens are so kindred about their sustensive relationship, just needs a few more hammering the day would have been a Great and Wonderful Day of theirs.  All the young boys and the young ladies watched the show.  Aren't you playing and practice ahead of time, so that on that day it will be all yours.  For All for One, and Once for All.  Catch the moment, and harvest the catches.+
When the Celebrant lifted up high the Chalace, the very moment of celebration seemingly provide the audience a perpetual moment that their past had all been washed away, their future has yet to come.  Life is at the threshold for the Priestly Blessings be poured upon the congregation so that the mass is truly powerful more than a finite mind can hold and a infinite Charity can behold. 
            Praise God form Whom All Blessings flow! 
Oh, well, it is the Doxology.  While the thought was still resounding, the Chanting continues on.
Praise Him All Creatures here below!
Praise Him Above ye Heavenly Hosts!
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Amen.    Amen.    Amen.
Amen.   Amen.   Amen.
Amen.     Amen.     Amen.
The three fold Amen concludes the Doxology!



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