The Origin of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry


Chen Fang

The beginning of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry resolved from the reading of the Old Testament in particular the Book of Genesis that the final blessings Jacobs gave to all his children indicated that the eventual return of the Young Lion of Judah will complete the prophecy in the Bible as a collective whole.  We are waiting just like all the people throughout the generations are waiting for the imminent return to take place.  No one has ever questioned why Jesus can stay in the high place without drinking or eating.  Nobody has ever questioned their mind or their hearts why they shall look forward to the second coming of the Son of God.  Perhaps only those of who were sacked in the City of Jerusalem on the Day the defensive lines of the City was finally bleached by the incessant assaults of the 10th Legion of the Imperial Roman Army.  Who knows what will happen saved those whose life has been given up to their Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ. 
The echoing back and forth between the Words of Lord Jesus Christ and the descriptions of the actual scenes that Josephus described in his writings regarding the sieges over Jerusalem, and her subsequent fall have given us the insight of the heart wrecking natural of the unwillingness and disbelief the Jews bore in the time of Herod the Great.  The fall of the defensive barricades all around the City gave ways to how it was and what it meant when the Romans had finally arrived at the Temple Mount.  Woe to those whose life had to be forfeited under the intense activities of the destruction taking place by the order of the Roman Generals. 
Pitiful as it was, although two thousand years have gone by, the sorrowfulness of the beholders of the tragic events could not have turned the table around, nor should they have escaped from that route, even though it was the easiest way to get out of the decimated City Orders in no time.  Today it serves as a reminder to the modern ones like all of us as to why and when it all tumbled down once the push came to a hold.  Yet, time waited for no man.  The night was longer than that of the day while the powerless people gripped on the thread of the unfinished Tapestries of the Kingdom of David.  Knowingly in their mind, sometimes in their souls, the deeply buried outcries of their hearts yielding the wide open space to become the melodramatic stages of the recipients on exile-the one way ticket of going. 
En gang til-the same mistake that took them away, has also taking them back when 1948 has finally dawned on the wake of the peaceful transition of the Lord Balfour Declaration that resumed the United Nations' Resolution 181. 
How that was possible when the absence of the representations earned the absentees the majority vote is a mystery.  How that was possible when a powerless people grabbed the scepter from the Rulers of this World calls for applause. How was that God, the God their ancestors worshipped and enraged resumed the course of action after two millenniums baffles us.  We then have to go into Micah 5:8 and Micah 6:8 to sense and to ply a way that will truly bail us out of the nominal dividend mindset.  The focus of our plot points directly to Revelation 5:5. 
24 Elders with their Crowns of Gold bowed down to G-d and the Elected Only Begotten Son of God.  The stage historically and in spiritual realm have to adjust its light to zero in on the event beyond our wildest imagination that the visible and the invisible converges at this typical point whence time exists no longer.  Heller is the only word needed at time and time again.  All the knees will bow and all the tongues confess to the King of Kings and the Lord of the Lords.  Waves of worshippers innumerable both the Angelic beings and the Saints salute their Lord and Savior-Jesus the Christ, the grandiloquent orchestra in Heaven paid their homages.
The scroll that has the 7 seals has been given to the Lamb of G-d that which contains the edicts of the Almighty. Of course, if you need the brev:  letters, to be sent to Jerusalem, you have to have a post office box in the Postal Mansion. The Lion, sometimes looks like an elephant, is the place to receive your mails.  Walk across the Ben Yehuda, the Kosher Chinese Restaurant is on your right.  Take a seat, the gourmet dishes will come along.  Take a sip of the English Breakfast Tea, and grinding on a couple of the short bread, makes a good day to visit. Hopefully, you are happy with the choice selected.
Then, came the appointed time for the Ministry to become actively engaged within the realm of the Palestine under the British Mandate, which was the results of the Balfour Declaration, from which the Resolution 181 of the United Nations General Assembly was generated.    During the Transitional period of the establishment of the Jewish nation, we called Israel now-a-day, had several Figurative Persons to represent the leadership of the territory. 
The getting together of the High Commissioners during such short period of time was rather phenomenal and somewhat eccentric as to what has become of the separated entities of the Mandate the desire to uphold can only be perceived not to be realized.  The logistics of the supportive infrastructure to the area is only the sortie of the pastime.  Time has changed, so also the essence of being infinitely retaining the strongholds saved much of the joyful memories for many whose livelihood depended solely on the existence of the faith to wish and to hold the land for a single purpose by far: that is to live on so also the by gone years added to the historic landmass a distinctive layer of modernity and unfamiliarity. 
The ladies still keep the house tallied tediously and tinny.  The youngsters organized their families each according to their uniqueness and perchance.  Out of the many places one could have stayed in life, only the one last place still keeps all the belongings at the time of the initial visit. 
The Music of Waltz playing by the Orchestra has never ceased nor ended, although the families lined up like the time axis going straight forward without leaving any remarks for the late comers to trace.  The tapestry of life linked only one thing and one thing for sure-the length of our days.  Iambic footings meted not the steps of our feet.  The swings and the circling of the fox trots needed not memory, perhaps some guidance was all that required to pair up the unification manifesto.  Eradicated not the beholders, for this time, short from others, was just in the beginning.  Rest not, gave the age of our days.  Redeem the time that is all you needed.   
The Presence of the High Commissioners indeed elated the mood and the motion of the celebrations in a time and place neutral to all could have been the first initiative out of many.  Nonetheless, the presence of the Ladies taking care of the furniture and to preserve its uniqueness had made the new comers moved on in swiftly and quickly.  Homey as it could be, neat and ready, tediously meeting all the expectations of the youngsters. 
Perhaps there were people who had been longing to join such a group dynamics similar to this one a while back, or maybe it was their livelihood that we simply stepped into.  But, it was a new moon, and it reflected the desires to better one's tomorrow today.  Likewise, it is our desire to minimize such hustles, so that all people who had been served, ministered, worked, and lived in the territory shall be included on the newsreel.
All those whose feet have never been wet by the water in the Jordan River, shall also have their wishes established so that one day soon they too can be their own guide from the many readings of the Bible.  Such a time like this to follow the footsteps of their Savior and Lord Jesus Christ into all arena of life is only a matter of time in the wilderness of the Judean Desert.  Would the hot wind rise so to bring the candidates of Jesus Christ to their designated paths throughout the given world is not a question to debate, rather a commitment to fulfill?
Maybe, just Maybe the Father in Heaven is a Jewish. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel.  From the Ancient of Days to the Birth of Jesus Christ, to Parousia, YHWH is G-d.  Shema O Israel, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai ehchad, baruck shenkvu, mahu-u udon, reho ravayeh.   Hear Oh Israel the Lord thy God is One God. There is no other gods besides Him. 
Although this is rather a short sentence, but it calls for the devotional studies in the rabbinic literature and liturgy with the cantorial practices and the mastery of Hebrew, if indeed you need to talk with G-d about something serious like Moses.    
The 70 electors summoned in the wilderness, the 72 apostles surged and scaled the hill countries of Israel, the twelve disciples of Jesus, the 7 deacons in the days of the Pentecost, the numerous missionaries, the endless streams of monks, of nuns, of ministers, of priests, of pastors, of prophets are all part of the scheme and elements of the Kingdom of Heaven.   They were sent by Jesus their Lord and Savior to carry out the tasks and to fulfill their callings to the end of the World to follow Him.   
One of the most significant events took place in the Qin Dynasty China that Mandarin had ruled the Continent of Asia for a period of well over 300 years forged the beginning of the Reformation in local church history recently was the 7 elites from the Cambridge, York Shire, and other parts of England during the middle to the late period of the Empire of Cathay. There were more than one could know or to be accounted for during this period of time since their records were no longer available, obviously some were missing due to the untimely and unforeseen events of their life.  However, these persons had contributed to the future successes to evangelism in China.  It was their passion and compassions that had spearheaded the emergence of the cultural jet streams between the East and the West.  China could not have become a modern Country had it not been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the ministerial activities all over the inner part of the ancient land. 
The forerunners of the then "China Inland Mission" had the desires of been vanquished under the thick cloud of the drastically détente international diplomacy over the fairness to part take in the natural, not in the spiritual, then the way to establish a furthermore foot hold will no longer be available.  Old soldiers they do not died, they simply fade away along with the pages of the weathered wreath at the head of their tombstones should there be a blessed good ferry whose solemn duty was to carry out and to carry on what was told and to tell the next man on duty.   Solemnity was only the beginning to tell a story that was told or never had been told.
Grappled with the umbrella, trod upon the watery ponds in the sunny afternoon street next to the bus stop exemplified the sweat soaked T-shirt under the baking Sun justified the need to have one's rain coat unpacked, if not already twisted and folded in the brief.  Much ado about nothing:  The dramatic show down by the alibi of the cozy dressed high school gals marked the attentions of the romanticized youngsters.  Courteously, he saluted the young woman with his beaver skinned fur hat, not matching up with the occasion of their moment of silence.  The box Pandora enjoyed opening it up for the world to know that beauty does have her price.   Fumbling was his hands all over the news that had sprung out of the legibly printed 12-point Gothic font.   Bellowing out of his chest a gash of breathe unwinding the despondent mood that could only last as long as he could hold the cry for excitement of the approval of the affidavit to travel and to accompany the fair lady to a remote land known as Shangri-La to all of us. Teddy opened the way.
Likewise, the opening up of the Middle East by the Europeans created for us, another feats of the tapestry about the beginning of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry!  This is what we concerns ourselves with as well.  The pack of the United Kingdom, Republic of France, Republic of Germany, and the United States of America can all be part of the assistance for Journalism.  The new era of modern history do contain the restoration of the Gateways surrounding the City of Jerusalem, in particular the one that is facing China, that is known as the 'Lions Gate'.  If one wants to be more precisely defined, the the "Golden Gate"- facing Taiwan and some other parts of the Indi-China Pennisula and South East Asia will also be included.   When those Chinese tourists rushed forward storming the Lions Gate, the Chinese Tourist Guide who was working for the Israelis Bureau of Tourism was baffled and dumb founded, who knew nothing about the eventual Returning Homes will have begun in Asia from the far end of the Earth.  It is like the retracking of the tidal waves, once, twice, trice all looked very small and insignificant, then, when less expected the full wave turned surfers on the surfing board into an alerting and advancing stand without recognizing on the forward launching mode.  
The Gospel of Jesus Christ came into Asia or rather had begun in Asia before Time was of any significances.  Yet, along with time, it became the Good Tiding of Jesus Christ, and before long the Chong-An Tablet commemorating the overwhelming successfulness of evangelism amoung all peoples of the Tang Dynasty China with such a passion for Christ, and Compassion for the losts, resulting to a largest clan among all clans of China, which has yielded a total population of slightly over 0.1 billion of descendants with a surname 'Lee'.  Who knows what influences that impact has had that even among English speaking people there are many 'Lee's.  Of course, in Los Angeles, the Sees is the most popular one, they own the candy shops.  And, that was the beginning of the Chinatown of the late modern period based on the bulletins and magazines.   
Why was the word 'Lee' - they had aligned themselves to and with?  Apart from it being the surname of the Royal Family of the Tang Dynasty, it literarily means the Son of Man hanging on the Tree ( Cross ).  When one write this Character, it described fully what the mission and commission of Jesus the Christ meant to be!  It was on that Cross, the Son of Man fullfilled the Desire of the Father in Heaven.  Brought to the end of his Earthly ministry and to start a newer type of ministry that is to Resurrect from Dead and to teach, to guide, to work miracles among His Disciples once again.   The Romans could not do anything to Him, for He did die, that had fulfilled the requirements of the Roman Laws, besides that the resurrected Jesus can go in and come out of the locked rooms without a key, and when He liked he ate the fried fish in front of his Disciples in broad daylight.   Then, He took the CLOUD to go up, while He was ascending, He said that He will come back on the CLOUD - again.  (Sherra.)
That is not to say that the vellum scrolls are of any less prominance in essence of the documentation of the human desire of tracing down their own point of origin.  Thus, the oral tradition and the written tradition have become the viable tools to get the message across with the helps and assistances of each and everyone to share and to chip in what they have learned or possessed. 
In the Name of Jesus, it is in the Name Above All Names in Heaven and on Earth and under thereof, the ministry become fulfilled and completed. 
Baruch Ha'Bar Baschen Adonai! 
Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!
Between to Be and Not to Be, there is a Why?!
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