The Prophetic Group of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry


The Prophetic Group of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry


Chen Fang

YAH  is a God about the future, not only does He controls the development and the growth of the individual believers, He also concerns for their well beings in the world that He has created some 6.5 billion years ago.  The essence of being a believer in the modern time is not because we have the Bible to get directions, but it is because of our God who is the initiator of the new and the unseen world in the futuristic view from our remembrance and from our current standing with Him. Therefore, it is also our duty to be able to become futuristic viewers for all events including the ones that concerns others around us.  We are the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, of Vienna, of Peking, of cities that had to have their walls removed or modified.  That is not the problem or the issue since all the cities in the world are full of people and the city walls that were been built to defend the welfares of the residents are now becoming the limitations to which the city planners are trying their best to either preserve it or to pull down them.  What is important is that we are keeping on watching at the strategic sites through the same functionalities allotted to the peeping slots on the wall, i.e., the slight chance of seeing through beyond the veils of the infinitesimal unknowns.   

The purpose of being prophetic is to watch out for what is yet to come, instead of what has been coming or what had been through in the past.  Knowing the future is more realistically important than what was in the past.  The future is what all the events in the Book of Revelations will take place, since the past has no dealings with the events and the incidents that had never happened during their time.  We are not looking at the doctrines or the dogmas of the Church for answer, for the answers they were looking at and for was what to their best advantages, which did not include what yet to have happened in our time.  By statuesque, all the past events carried not with them the incidental importance and urgency of what we are currently facing.  Reminiscent of what we are doing and facing was the tedious humanistic point of view from within which the essence of the Salvation of G-d cannot be moved nor shacked or shackled if one dislike of destined ambiguously with the faith of the past two millennium as Christians might put it.  Wanting to be distinctively labeled and be indifferent with the resuming of the course of action after the Restoration of the Kingdom of David through the Country of Israel, cannot fluctuate the decrees of the Commander versus the contenders along the sideline seeking opportunities to disturb and to disband what was and still in the focal point of the behold-the quest for eternity in the kingdoms of men.

Might you ask-why must be Prophetic?  What was the significance of being Prophetic?

The suggestions of being prophetic were many; nonetheless, to be prophetic is to give the seekers a hope and a future.  So many times, peoples were so near sighted that they could not see the large picture.  Often times, their focuses were on the issues or things matters not to the Kingdom of Heaven, inadvertently, they also forsakes what was really important to them, that is their livelihood, and their immediate family, be it socially, industrially, financially, or residentially related.  Nobody is a seating idol, nor should anybody be an idol to begin with.   At home, we have family members to watch out for us.  At work, we have co-workers to notify us about what went on.  At leisure times, we have friends to contending for our rights.  However, when it comes to life, we have Jesus Christ and all his followers to assist and to affiliate with us.  But, we do not always have a teacher to show us the way to which it leads to life and security.  Therefore, a prophet is not only a seer or a hearer, but a speaker from the Kingdom of G-d.  He listens, sees, and intercedes for us on behave of our well beings. 

On the contrary, the prophet is the individual who shows us what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, as well as where to do it, if that is what the Lord said.  Doubt and Trust does not go hand in hand; neither disbelieve and faith.  The mismatches of the war games do not hold true in the direct relationship with the Father in Heaven.  The Judge will never be judged only if he or she acted accordingly to the tenure of the Laws; otherwise, the title and the deed are to be seen distinctively and sought discretely.  Let G-d be the Judge is only one what to approach the justice in life.  But, let truth be known, is the summary of the discussions.  Let truth be known.  And, let the mercy of the Lord be your guard.  Participate in the prophetic group, find yourself a spot and see to it that God will fill you in on everything acquired from Him. Time will make you a student of the Prophet.  One day soon you will be a prophet of the Most High G-d.  Thank G-d.

Jesus therefore said to judge the just judgment which must be true to the tenets of the Mosaic Laws as well as to the teachings of the Prophets.  Master the Words of Adonai, read incessantly the stories of the Saints in the Bible, drill on the writings of the Prophets, and to soak up all that you can about the anointing of the prophets, and to live a Holy Living.  You are warranted for one thing that is to become a fire consuming prophetic person.  Like Isaiah, or Elijah, Job, or Malachi, Micah, and Daniel, God will speak to you concerning others like Samuel.  Then, you may say, Speak O Lord, thy Servant listens in respect; retrospectively, let G-d be a friend to you.  Just like Moses, the Prince of Egypt, who has learned all the knowledge and wisdom of the Egyptians, yet, he was one of the most humble man in the World. 

When I was en tour in Israel a few years back, when life was still young to me, I came across the ruins of the Ramat Rachel which was one minute walk away from the Ramat Rachel Hotel whereby the Celebration for Jerusalem Convocation was going on, I stepped back in time of 2,600 years ago.  That was the days prior to the siege of the City of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar II (634-562 BC), and his army.  Jeremiah the wailing weeping prophet of the Old Testament had to be captured to Egypt to end his prophetic ministry to G-d's people of his time. 

We too living on the marginal place of modern history, for that which has yet to come, and for those that have gone by not so long ago, we are to bear the Torch with Wisdom, Knowledge, and Salvation of our God.  Jesus confessed that He was merely a Rabbi, and a Prophet, even though we thought that He is the Son of G-d and the Son of Man.  Therefore, time is not in any of our hands, but to the Father in Heaven be all knowledge, wisdom and kingdom and dominion be. Be prepared, therefore, and prepare others while you still can, before Time!


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