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Eva and Juan Peron

"Loud the welfare of Argentina was Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, the First Lady of Argentina, and the second wife of Mr. President and General Juan Domingo Peron of Argentina..." Maybe it was not a coincidence that we watched the movie about Eva Peron on the day of her 50th passing, even though we had the movie for several years. Nobody wanted to open it, until it was that same very day that Eva Peron reclined in her ailment infested body and yielded the last breathe of that thin air once had her rigorously struggled for the wellbeing of her Countrymen, her loved ones and her dream.

Of course, she was not the first woman among all the women after Eve, who was born to this world without much to go by. None the less here we raised up her fame as if though she was still alive and living among the livings. She has had since then, being with Jesus the Christ, her personal Lord and Savior. Yet, the absence of her presence among the Argentinians still cannot hold them back from their deepest sensations and adorations to the then First Lady and the Second Wife to General Juan Peron among the Spanish speaking Countries.

Argentina was once the wealthiest Country stood among all Countries in the World just in the 20th Century. Obviously, the Trading tides have changed from coast to coast, and from time to time, nevertheless, the respective patriotic moods and kindred spirits still bound those people together regardless the turbulences and challenges facing them, be it individually or corporately.

The Imagery of a Strong Leader accompanied by a Sensitive Woman can also persuade the common people, yet, never was a woman single handed brought the whole Country if not the Continent of Central and the South America in one accord. Eva Peron was an eloquent speaker and able to pursue after the common interests of her Countrymen and her own followers among the Ladies and Gentlemen. She was able to forge them on their camaraderie and their collective desire to achieve a better Argentina tomorrow today.

Never was her besieged the Man stood by her side with strives or to post counter motives to frustrate and to dim his gentle figure, not only as a General, but also as the Leader of the Country Argentina. She was always served as an aide de Corps to her best friend and only Man in her youthful life cut short. Honored by her own Countrymen and Women, she did not hold tight to it, but to pay tribute to her husband, her hero, the director of her Country and the protector of her life and wellbeing, the President of Argentina -- General Juan Domingo Peron.  Eva Peron who was born in a shanty and unsophisticated countryside

Neighborhood, yet, she had out grown herself and her dreams to become one of the most important women leaders in the history of Argentina. That is to say that a life can come out of such a condition of distressfulness and lacking, however, by sear determinations one can overcome the difficulties in life and numerous obstacles on their ways to success. 
Der Bundesverdienstkreuz
He who was also and still is a recipient of the order of 
of "Der Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, umgangssprachlich Bundesverdienstkreuz oder Bundesverdienstorden genannt, ist die einzige allgemeine Verdienstauszeichnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Das Bundesverdienstkreuz wird fur besondere Leistungen auf politischem, wirtschaftlichem, kulturellem, geistigem oder ehrenamtlichem Gebiet verliehen.", i.e., the Merit of the Grand Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany! 
The Merit of the Grand Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany, on the other hand, it is also the Federal Grand Cross within the order of the Merit, that is one of the common awards of the Modern date Federal Republic of Germany to present recognitions and appreciations to those whose career is in politics, military, culture, education, and social media arena. The achievement spoke for itself by been a recipient to an award signifying the distinguish achievement in the rebuilding of a war torn Country meant something to the individual as well as to the Countrymen whose efforts and hardworking ethics had constricted the highest honor to their Leader and one of the fellow contenders of the Justice Party.
Indeed, it was just a gift, a Token of Appreciations and Thanksgivings, and many have received it as their good deeds and behaviors deemed for such an applause, yet, the signifier signifies what it represents: the honor, the dignity, and the friendship in services to others. Therefore, Charity is not a word only to define the statuesque of the common conditions of one's mind, mood, and intent, but, an act of demonstration to the world by counter acting what was imperfect, unlovable, lack of beauty, sanitation, and suitable living conditions among the overcome and overtake what was once detrimental to the health and wealth, i.e., the surroundings of the many poor and disadvantageous souls in the struggle for peace, for justice, and for freedom their Creator has granted them with.
The Pink Presidential Palace
The Pink Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, Republic de Argentina
Many of the legendary speeches were been delivered over the Balcony of the Pink Palace whereby marked the struggles of the Argentinians of the 20th Century during the time the World we now know and live went through the Great War and World War II.  It was still a time and an Era of Diaspora for many. 
Ms. President of Argentina
Ms. Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, President de Argentina. Who is holding the sword, the token of authority and might, symbolize the Determination of Argentinians unified under her Rulership and Leadership.
The creative miracle number one, is from Nothingness to yield something, improving to something better, and to reach its apex without toppling its own zenith, when all things contribute to the finite element infinitely. Maybe, it is a way to live, in reality it is the way to success through overcoming and achieving. What was not achieved is calling us to make it happen, what was lacking, fulfilling, what was deprived, compensating. So that life lasts for other lives, dream an impossible dream, and someday it will all come to pass. It is not who lived, but how have they lived. Argentina stands among the Triuvium of the Central-South America shall have her say with their common efforte to march forward as their leaders from the past who had gone ahead of them to make her great and peaceful, so also will their endeavors be successful.  God helps those who help themselves, and the Blessings of the Lord shall be upon His people.  Perhaps Psalm 3:8 tells it all.  Viva de la Argentina! 
Just like Mulan who lived in a world that was vastly disappearing in front of her young life...Was she ever a candidate for deeds of bravery, no, many did not think so. The scale of achievements she had accomplished in her time and age was never an easily achieved, at least not like today's world of equilibrium. It was to believe that Mulan Hwa was living sometime during the 4th Century AD, however, she had to live during a time that when Huns were still rooming around China. The major battles that had caused significant defeats to the Huns were probably fought in the 3rd Century BC, during the Han Dynasty. May you ask "Why" the Huns and the Hans wanted to fight against each other so much so? The simple answer was that both Huns and Hans were and still is Chinese, or at least having the Chinese blood. That is to say, that Huns and Hans were of the same ethnicity and even of the same language and tradition. But, if one committed sins and became morally or legalistically impure, i.e., being sinful.
Thus, the guiltless ones will expunge and cast the ones that had been deemed sinful out as criminals, whether a felony or misdemeanor or an offenses or a mischievous behavior, can all be a reason that was not acceptably socially or morally or ideologically. Anyhow, whoever broke the laws then that made them Huns instead of Hans?!  Was that simply an issue, methinks that was. By the way, the contents of the story can vary from time to time, i.e., from vicarious periods of history whenever there were encounters with Huns. Yue Fe was one of the most famous heroes, and he fought the Huns. Yet, he lived in a later date in comparison with Mulan Hwa. But, it will all come together. If the lions fight for survive, so also the lionesses. We all have to fight to survive, and these was their stories. Basically, they speak the same language and write the same Chinese Calligraphy, yet, fight for dominances in and along the border of the northern frontiers. Therefore, the ideological differences had caused the split within the same group.  Nonetheless, in Jesus Christ, both of them require his precious blood to redeem them from their common roots of Sin inherited from Adam and Eve, the ancestors of common humanbeing.  Obviously, the Bible talked about the Nephilim in Genesis Chapter 6:1-4.  The history of the Sons of God and the daughters of Man came together created the Giants among humankind.  However, that does not mean we have anything to do with the Extra Terristrials, outsiders not from the Planet Earth.


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