Worship God

Let us come into the House of the Lord! 
Let us enter the Court of His Temple through Praise! 
Let us enter into the Temple through Thanksgiving! 
The Psalmist said that it is Good to give G-d Praise & Thanksgiving!
 To sing unto the Lord with a New Song!
To Dance the dance of King David to Welcome the Tabernacle!
To play the harp of 10 strings to worship G-d like King David!
Raise your hands to worship Adonai.

 Give Your Tithe and Offerings to worship God!


 The above slogans are just a few of the deeds one may have to enter and to entreat in a worship serivce.  However, a worship service that is wholeheartedly dedicated to the Lord, will have His Presence among the worshippers, and that is the plummet of entering into the Courtyards of the Temple of G-d.  When the Spirit of the Lord leads and guides the crowd will enter into the sure presence of His Glory and Wonder.  That is what we deemed as entering into His Marvelous Light.  This type of manifestations could also have happened during the coorperate prayer and intercession time prior to the service in the Church.  It appears that the size of the building does not have anything gotten to do with the Presence of God, rather it is the hearts of the individual worshippers that entices the most the heartbeats of God.  Therefore, in Whose presence we worship and dance accordingly reflects the desires of God wanting to have fellowship with His Creatures.  Earnestly speaking, when you come before the Lord your God, be humble and stay focused, with an open mind entirely enjoying to be with Him.  When the Word came, you are readily acceptable to invite Him into the vicarious arenas of your life, so that He be the King of All the world, not just a sector of your heartl
Men are created to worship.  Therefore, during the services dedicated thyself to His authority in its entirety just like unto the relationship between the King and the Queen Esther.  It is not just because that one intends to commit an offense so that that individual had to come forward to be recognized by the King to grant him or her His Pardon and Forgiveness.  This is not to say that the forbearances of the King is of any less significance to the offenders, nevertheless, we are currently not under such an imperialistic regime.  Therefore, think and think again, think even trice before one goes out to do things heinous to the neighbors:  This includes also one's own siberlings and families, per se, by law.
Worship is not to be evasiveness in the Presence of God, and this is certainly one of the key points to remember, even though thy opponents were not presented at the time of one's solemnity to put oneself together outside the Temple courts.
Subdue oneself of one's pride, arrogance, selfishness, poingnently, without reservations, and do not call forth the reprobates, less it will not be acceptable to God.  Officers in the Courts of God, do nothing else but to assist people of God in worshp, in repentance, in restorations, but, never was in recommpensating to the people of God, for to recompense is the measurement of God,  not the Priests, i.e., the donations from the People of God are to be placed in the offering box and / or buskets, not into one's pocket.
Humbly porstrait oneself in the mighty presence of the Immortal and Invinsible G-d.  May it be a new experience in your life by knowing that the twenty four Elders in Heaven who also porstrait themselves in the Presence of the Almighty G-d.  Who is to say that one must not be the one that has the excessive passion about the reality of worship.  Almost all the time that when one lays down oneself in flesh and in spirit the G-d the Creator of the Universe comes to visit you and attend to your needs, and wants in life.  He was so pleased to have fellowship with His creatures that He will even go over His way to meet with you and comfort you.
It is in the act of Worship one can truly sense the Etneral One and His Eminence prescribing the genuiness of our being.  That is to say that in Life one obtain life, in the Light of True Light one obtain the freedom of beenn liberated from not only the worriness and weariness of the things of this World, but also becoming totally free from all bundages the enemies put on us.



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